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Bruce's blog
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Tester Tim's fingertip
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:09 22/04/08 | Comments: 2
On-one is a name that seems to inspire similarly fierce levels of brand loyalty to Apple.
Lost cat site
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 22:12 17/04/08 | Comments: 3
Another one -- my collection of lost cat posters.
Detectorising finds site
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 22:08 17/04/08 | Comments: 7
I've been meaning to catalogue some of my finds.
I'm a Mudlark -- it's official
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:15 05/02/08 | Comments: 4
Today I are be mostly receiving my Foreshore Permit from the Port of London Authority, allowing me to use a metal detector and dig (to a depth of three inches) on various areas of the London Thames river bed at low tide and the foreshore, for the purposes of 'collection of interesting old stuff and the amassing of a huge personal fortune in lost gold', or something.
Impressive OSX-ery
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:35 18/01/08 | Comments: 2
A while back I thought I'd screwed up some file operation or other by moving the destination file to a different folder midway through whatever it was that was happening to it. I think it was just being moved from one place to another. I pretty much convinced myself I was dreaming, but just now I had a chance to test something similar, and blow me if it didn't work.
NUSYSTEMS just made my shitlist
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 16:23 09/01/08
I ordered some headphones, of the in-ear type, from NuSystems, having found them there at a good price.
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:24 19/12/07 | Comments: 1
Has anyone seen Wikiscanner? It's amazing.
Today I are be mostly ...
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 18:45 25/11/07 | Comments: 5
... drilling through a water pipe.
Camelot pulls scratchcard amid numerical anarchy
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:41 09/11/07 | Comments: 1
This article in the Reg today is worth a giggle.
File loss mystery solved -- RAID array (array) is forgiven
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:31 26/10/07
This one didn't lose me anything crucial -- luckily.

(This is quite a dull read; it's more of a quick bit of therapy for me).

Slightly worrying extra menu item
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 15:54 24/10/07
I don't remember installing any kind of addon which might have done this to my Firefox setup here at work (on Windows),
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:15 24/10/07 | Comments: 1
Dumbledore's gay!

Check out the size
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 13:51 19/10/07 | Comments: 2
of this cat.

Not to mention some of the stuff it seems to get up to.

Now this is a project
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:51 10/10/07 | Comments: 2
Good grief.

Check out the video in particular.

Fast Show
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 12:23 09/10/07
Who likes Fast Show and is free on Sunday November 4th? I have two spare tickets to their one-off show.

Excellent phone
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:41 08/10/07
Excellent phone.

Sadly still only a concept.

Apple should...
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:37 02/10/07 | Comments: 9
There's a blog title right there, but I'm going to restrict myself to a single 'should' for the moment, and that is this: Apple should make a grown-up version of iWeb.
Excellent phishing message
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:25 02/10/07 | Comments: 5
I just thought this one was particularly hilarious.
Be Internet / BeThere / Be Un Limited broadband update
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 16:28 27/09/07 | Comments: 8
This (their nominal 24 meg service, in practice supposed to be about 14 down / 2 up, one fixed ip, 40 quid a month including vat), installed trouble-free on the date it was supposed to install, was a breeze to set up the supplied router ('We are having some delays with router delivery' -- then next day it drops on the doormat).
Finally.... LogMeIn has native Mac support
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 08:04 30/08/07
OK, it's only a
but it seems to work flawlessly here, so far.
Branson pickle
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:10 27/07/07 | Comments: 1
Oh dear.

"We don't know why it exploded. We just don't know"

Fake eggs
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 14:53 25/07/07 | Comments: 1
No, really.
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 07:29 25/07/07 | Comments: 1
Last night I dreamt that a man visited our house to stay, as he was working nearby. He was a family friend. He brought a huge audio mixing desk into the house and put it in the downstairs toilet and took it apart. He worked on it with a soldering iron and various other instruments. It turned out one of the faders was incorrectly installed.
Colon Cleansing Kit
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:57 24/07/07 | Comments: 7
Yes folks, your turds could look like these.
Cerne Abbas vs. Homer
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 18:21 17/07/07 | Comments: 5
Now this is funny.
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 14:20 10/07/07 | Comments: 7
I am excellent at losing things but I have surpassed myself this time.
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