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Bruce's blog
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Two recent enquiries from our web form
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 21:07 23/02/10 | Comments: 7
People. Gotta love 'em.
Tungsten sphere
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 21:21 17/02/10 | Comments: 4
Mmmmmm.... tungsten.
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 18:50 15/02/10 | Comments: 6

Not me guv.


For those who
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 22:32 22/01/10 | Comments: 1
like to live a little closer to the edge, I give you...
Thanks for the
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 12:50 22/01/10
recommendation Simon, what a thoroughly excellent film.
Someone should
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 19:24 15/01/10 | Comments: 5
write a mouse driver that can be configured to take into account the border between two monitors, so that when you move your mouse from one to the other it doesn't just jump immediately from one to the other, but requires the appropriate amount of mouse movement first. A sort of 'dead space', if you will.
Grant Loaf
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 13:08 13/01/10 | Comments: 10
The Grant Loaf was invented by some Mrs Grant during some war to show that wholesome nutritious breadness was possible even in times of rationing and that. (I should have been a historian.)
We have no way!
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 09:02 03/12/09 | Comments: 6
I ordered some of these because I thought we could make a tidy profit for the school selling them at their fair tomorrow. Alas they're still not here but this reply from the seller almost makes the disappointment worth it.
Every so often
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:47 02/10/09 | Comments: 5
an iPhone app comes along that makes me go "No! No waaaay!". Today I found RedLaser.
My photography recently
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 21:14 17/08/09 | Comments: 9
I just updated my flickr profile but wanted to share this with a slightly wider (possibly) audience. If you are interested, I'd love to hear whether you agree. Are the latest photos more interesting, or not, and do they lose out by their lo-fi nature, with regard to my previous, SLR-originated, stuff?

Much of it (as Asha just pointed out to me) is not at all interesting full stop, and I'm sure she has a point. But everything is relative.

Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 22:28 20/07/09 | Comments: 1
... XKCD today.
Science vs Faith
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 23:23 19/07/09
Section 44 arrest in Chatham High Street
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 13:00 12/07/09 | Comments: 5
My old friend Alex 'Twisty' Turner (monaxle at flickr) had an experience in Chatham the other day which beggars belief.
Drobo Pro
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:23 01/06/09 | Comments: 8

That is all.

Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 21:52 11/05/09 | Comments: 6
For those not following me on flickr, here's a lunatic astronomical shot from t'other night. Great night for it, even from sodium-enhanced New Malden.
Bristol Cameras just made my shitlist
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 18:17 11/05/09 | Comments: 18
Bristol Cameras has got to be THE most piss-awful couldn't-give-a-shit company it's been my displeasure to have to deal with this millennium.
London Marathon Blog 2009
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 14:58 22/04/09 | Comments: 9

2009-04-22 by Bruce

Oh shit, is it this Sunday? I'd better do some training.

Extreme shepherding
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 19:38 22/03/09 | Comments: 2
You've got to laugh.
I must have installed
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 00:52 03/03/09 | Comments: 3
a thousand peripherals over the years, from USB sticks to printers to scanners to hardware controllers to cameras and every other damn type of thing with a plug on it that you can think of, and NOT ONCE, not one single, solitary time, has the Microsoft 'Search now for drivers' function EVER worked.
LaCie drive takes up smoking
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 23:34 26/12/08 | Comments: 6
Yes my LaCie 500-gig external USB 'Porsche-designed' hard drive has started emitting smoke.
Eno fool
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 16:17 16/10/08 | Comments: 3
Niiiice little iPhone app.
't' break
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:41 26/09/08 | Comments: 1
This Cisco web site weirdness is odd and funny, in equal measure.
Just keep digging
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 13:28 18/09/08 | Comments: 1
Work out where a tunnel dug downwards from your home would come out on the other side of the world using this tool.
Cool, er, fridge
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 13:26 01/09/08 | Comments: 1
This is very silly, but very cool.
Best. iPhone. Apps. Ever.
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 13:17 30/07/08 | Comments: 21
These are my top 7 apps, as of today, and mostly from a "omg that's amazing!" point of view.
A small feature of the Congestion Charge just made my shitlist
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 14:02 24/07/08 | Comments: 7
Basically I'm in favour of the CC, but this has pissed me off.

If I leave the congestion charge zone somewhere between 06:59:50 and 07:00:10, how can I find out whether I was actually 'caught'? My watch might not be atomically-accurate, and even if it is I might not be able to tell accurately enough which side of the line my number plate was at exactly 07:00:00.

Gabriella Cilmi
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 13:31 01/07/08
If this girl's not a megastar by next year there is NO justice in the world. She's *16* and has a voice to die for... that really belies her age.
Date formats in Apple Numbers
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:58 10/06/08 | Comments: 5
I can't beliiiiiiiieve Numbers doesn't have an option to format a Date cell in the only sensible date format known to man: yyyymmdd. Nothing even close! Not even yyyy-mm-dd. Nothing beginning yyyy AT ALL!

And I can't even find a way to ADD one, FFS!!

If anyone knows of a way, please tell.

Oh dear.
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 06:43 10/06/08 | Comments: 10
It's cheaper, faster and better (GPS) than I was hoping for (albeit not perfect), and launching several months before I thought it would, it's the new iPhone, available July 11th.
HOW did I manage to
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 07:21 30/05/08 | Comments: 1
miss GraphJam all this time?!

They are quite samey after a while but I've just spent good half hour trying not to wet myself at things like this, or this, or even this.

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