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Recent Tech

Playing an MKV file with an external AC3 in VLC on OSX

Mon Jul 11 21:07:17 2011

For my own reference, and lest it help anyone else:

Ameol revisited

Fri Jun 17 19:07:46 2011

Well, it DID work, for about a couple of hours.

Linux devices & BT Routers

Mon Apr 11 17:35:20 2011

One of our artists (we provide studios) is having the following problem: Re. internet, I'm having real problems connecting _any_ linux device to the router (I've tried 8 different ones!). I think this is a BT hardware problem. I can advise with tech logs if need be. The Router is a BT Business Hub 2700HGV Can anyone help?

server does not support RFC 5746, see CVE-2009-3555

Tue Nov 9 22:03:01 2010

This problem has been driving me mad for a week or more now. signin.ebay.co.uk : server does not support RFC 5746, see CVE-2009-3555

Network performance

Fri Sep 24 10:36:24 2010

For the last 2 years or so I thought I had it all set up ok, but recent drop outs and terrible performance have resulted in a lot of head scratching...........

Snow Leopard Server web server weirdness

Fri Feb 26 03:09:44 2010

Been tinkering with Snow Leopard Server a bit lately, and thought I'd see what the web server's up to.

Snow Leopard and NFS

Wed Oct 21 14:54:11 2009

I'll be damned if I'm going to search all over t'Internet for this information if I ever need it again in the future, so here's how to use NFS shares in Snow Leopard without all that tedious mucking about with -36 errors.

Weird SMTP connection timeout issue

Mon Jul 20 12:08:33 2009

Why would a perfectly standard MacBook Pro act completely normal in every other networky respect, but be unable to connect to any SMTP server?

Wireless repeater / extenders

Fri Jul 10 20:39:28 2009

This is doing my head in. Which is normally when I turn to novacaster.

How to overburn a CD/DVD in OSX

Wed Mar 25 12:45:48 2009

This post on Chris Duran's blog explains how to overburn a CD or DVD on a Mac, given that neither OSX's built in Disk Utility nor Roxio's flagship burning software 'Toast', support it. Cheers Chris.

Recent Blogs

Solar Eclipse Timelapse March 20th 2015

Fri Mar 20 17:14:07 2015


Timelapse montage of this morning's solar eclipse over Stonehenge.

Comet C2014/Q2 Lovejoy again

Sat Jan 17 00:43:04 2015


Now easily naked eye from dark sky sites, just below and to the right of the Pleiades.

Stonehenge Aubrey Hole Eclipse Predictor tweaked

Tue Jan 6 18:14:44 2015


This one's adjusted for the BBC's preferences.

Comet C2014/Q2 Lovejoy

Mon Dec 29 14:12:00 2014


Faint green blob in binoculars below Orion, will be tracking upwards and to the right over the next few days.

Stonehenge Aubrey Hole Eclipse Predictor

Wed Dec 17 09:54:04 2014


Demonstration of Hoyle's method of the movement of marker stones around the Aubrey Hole circle to predict eclipse seasons. This animation covers the period from March 20th 2015 to April 4th 2015.

Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project News

Wed Sep 10 00:01:00 2014


Some fantastic new discoveries and survey data from the SHLP - read the press release (English version is below the German one at the foot of the page) and take a look at the photos and videos provided. http://archpro.lbg.ac.at/news-press-press-releases/ewige-ratsel-stonehenge-osterreichische-forscher-durchleuchten-landschaft

Larkhill Army Basing and the Sun Gap - update

Tue May 20 23:51:55 2014


The final draft of the Master Plan is now available at http://www.army.mod.uk/structure/34026.aspx. The good news is that the two potential development sites that would have resulted in new buildings being built across the Sun Gap and over the historic Larkhill Flying Ground have been ruled out.

Army Basing Programme - Larkhill

Tue Mar 11 00:06:21 2014


The attached PDF comprises my personal comments which I have submitted to the consultation process. The document analyses the impact of using two of the potential Larkhill development sites on the Summer Solstice Sunrise alignment as seen from Stonehenge. It provides the historical background for the Larkhill "Sun Gap", shows the current situation and urges the MoD to remove these two particular sites from consideration and instead restore the "Sun Gap" sightline. Also included are the contact details if you would like to submit your own comments on the MoD proposals before the 1st April 2014.

Restoring the Larkhill Sun Gap

Thu Feb 6 22:36:07 2014


Due to plantations of trees growing on Larkhill the summer solstice sunrise as seen from Stonehenge no longer appears to the left of the tip of the Heelstone but to its right. I think something should be done to restore the correct view, and furthermore that the MoD shouldn't build houses across the solstice alignment as they have proposed in their Army Basing Masterplan. Update March 11th 2014: If you're interested in this having heard the report on BBC Wiltshire, you might like to read my consultation comments and submit some of your own to the MoD before the 1st April. You can also join the Flying With The Larks Facebook group, they are compaigning against the same two potential MoD development sites from the point of view of preserving the historic Larkhill Flying Ground.

Stonehenge Visitor Centre building works timelapse

Thu Dec 26 16:53:00 2013


A series of photographs taken between 2nd August 2012 and 26th December 2013 at a rate of a couple a week, montaged together to create a pair of timelapses showing the construction of the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre.

Recent Other

Egyptian Figurine

Fri Sep 5 21:24:38 2014


Can anybody translate, or transliterate, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics?

Picasso painting aquired during world War Two

Sat Apr 10 22:37:26 2010


I received this painting from Canada's best known art collector years ago,I have all the documentation right down to a bill of sale and a signed letter on rear of painting from Picasso to his partner at the time,if you have to ask who don't bother. The painting was actually going to be burned to heat the room they lived in during the year 1902 which is when it was actually painted not 1903 as dated. The painting has a very obvious thumb print in left bottom corner which is referred to in the letter on the rear of painting as his way of marking his work.I have no interest in selling this painting and I consider it my most precious possesion.

Latest News

Fri Jul 25 12:54:25 2008


newspaper clipping image

This area will be updated, from time-to-time with news items concerning the 1934 Drawing and ongoing developments.

If you know of further media coverage concerning this subject, please let us know.

National & International Couriers

Mon Mar 17 12:08:18 2008


Looking for recommendations for couriers to ship large packages in the UK and abroad (eg to USA & Spain)... any searching Googling etc just brings up horror stories. Any good ones out there?

Possible Picasso drawing

Wed Dec 26 21:22:33 2007


I have a drawing that might be by Picasso. Please let me know if you can look at it and help me. My email is murisd@gmail.com


Mon Jan 29 16:08:36 2007

Forum::Online Communities

Founded in the late 80s as a dialup BBS and now available via dialup, telnet, OLR and the web, the Compulink Information eXchange is one of the longest surviving UK-based online communities around. It's still going strong today with over 10000 members.

Web hosts

Mon Jan 15 16:56:22 2007


Can anyone recommend a low cost, secure, web hosting company? Does it make any difference where/which country they are based? Currently only have two domains (only one is actively used for my billycan website) to which I might be adding two in the near future.

Picasso's Guernica - Images within Images (3rd Ed.) by Melvin E. Becraft

Sat Oct 28 15:14:42 2006


Attached is a PDF file of the 3rd edition of "Picasso's Guernica - Images within Images" published by Mel Becraft in 1986 and updated since.

New community archives website.

Fri Oct 20 11:53:30 2006


There is a new community archives website. It was launched a few weeks ago. http://www.communityarchives.org.uk/

Ohayo gazaimasu!

Thu Oct 19 10:12:21 2006


Just me saying a post join "Hi".