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For my future reference: Plesk linux locked out ip restriction firewall blocked access sql mysql kittens cucumber
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 12:06 13/02/13
I locked myself out of one of my 1&1 hosted servers because I forgot that it was tied to my fixed IP address, and my ISP changed my fixed IP due to some network reconfiguration.... it's not like they gave me 3 months' notice or anything... oh wait, they did. And I still failed to change the server IP restriction in time. So had to find a way in.
Excellent typo
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 15:07 11/01/13 | Comments: 1
Just had an email from a new account manager at one of our suppliers... I just love the opening sentence:
Virgin/BT privacy/security
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 13:24 21/03/12 | Comments: 16
How can this be?
My films
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 01:51 18/12/11
Just in case anyone's interested, my movie database exports are online, thusly:
RIP Black Cat
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 02:45 24/09/11 | Comments: 4
Blacka, best black cat everWith the heaviest of hearts, we had to say goodbye to Black Cat today. He had some form of growth in his airways and was starting to have had enough. The vet was wonderful and he did not suffer.

I am already missing him so much that I wonder whether there may be something wrong with me.

There are some photos, far too many photos possibly, here.

End of an era. Goodbye my friend.

Anyone [with a Mac] looking to
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:51 13/09/11 | Comments: 2
catalogue their film collection, or films they like, or anything to do with lists of films, need look no further than DVDpedia.
I will be very surprised if
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:53 13/09/11 | Comments: 5
Google don't come up with a contact sync service in the not too distant future.
Drobo stupidity (me, not it)
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:25 29/08/11 | Comments: 3
So I've removed one of our Drobo Pros from the data centre to try and work out what's going on with it, because it's been behaving oddly.
Kudos to Mr Banton of this parish
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 12:33 24/08/11 | Comments: 6
for making Novacaster the only website I've visited so far that conforms with last May's legislation which requires website operators to seek "informed consent" from users for the use of cookies.

Why Plaxo is a huge pile of poo
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:36 17/08/11 | Comments: 6
Been trying their 'Platinum' service to keep iPhone, iPad, GMail, Google Apps Mail, and a number of Macs' address books all in sync.

Turns out it's a huge pile of poo, partly because their own contacts interface is of piss-poor design, full of bugs and runs like treacle, but mainly because the inter-device sync itself is very far from the claimed "live" or "instant".

Here is my support chat log, if you can be arsed:

Necessary precision
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 14:50 14/07/11 | Comments: 1
I just got the following alert from one of our monitoring systems:
Narrow escape with Dell PSU
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 23:05 16/06/11 | Comments: 3
So I turned my 3 monitors off at the mains (all in a single 4-way), then about 30 seconds later remembered something else I had to do so I turned them back on.
Petrol powered jetpack, you say?
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:16 31/05/11 | Comments: 1
Yes, thanks to the Kiwis.
Industrial Blu-Tack equivalents
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 19:45 09/03/11 | Comments: 3
I googled for bulk quantities of Blu-Tack the other day, since my lumps of it it seem mysteriously to shrink overnight, and I found Pink-Tack.

Which was nice.

I ordered some but only because it was cheaper than the blue stuff (wonder why?)

Not remotely useful
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 14:23 06/03/11 | Comments: 8
I spent HOURS last night putting the RF (as opposed to infra-red) remote volume control that went in the original Obsidian prototype power amp I built a few years back, into its own housing, so I could hide the power amp we use in the front room in a cupboard (RF required since it penetrates wood somewhat better than IR :)
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 03:12 27/02/11 | Comments: 1
I recently installed 10.10 (Maverick Meercat) and it is absurdly good. Very polished, and piss-easy to install and configure.
Macbook Pro - now with FM tuner!
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 03:04 27/02/11 | Comments: 10
I'm fairly sure this is a "bonus feature", since I've not seen it advertised anywhere.
Joystick Jenius
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 09:04 24/02/11
This is absolute genius.
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 22:00 22/02/11 | Comments: 2
Wonder what they will do. My money's on a humourless one-line response from a nameless droid quoting a price. We can try, though. Maybe they have some pride in their product.
"Modern music sucks"
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 12:12 29/01/11 | Comments: 12
According to Mr Bartlett of this parish, anyway.

Sorry. I couldn't possibly get all this in in 140 characters :-)

Dear Mary
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 19:47 10/01/11 | Comments: 1
I think I've pulled:
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 09:21 22/12/10
"Sexy Women In Bikini is now following you on Twitter!"
#lego #antikythera #yesreally
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 04:57 13/12/10 | Comments: 1
FMR, this is almost too awesome for words.
River madness
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 18:53 12/09/10 | Comments: 3
Today we went on the river. I'm not sure the river was ready for us.
Best book title ever
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 06:04 13/08/10 | Comments: 12
"How to Good-bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way?"
FMR! Jailbreaking is now legal
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 20:07 26/07/10
According to the iPhone Dev Team's blog, jailbreaking and unlocking are now explicitly permitted fair uses under the DMCA.
Do not shine into remaining eye
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 12:05 20/07/10
It's a measure of how far laser technology's come in the last few years that you can now buy a ONE WATT blue (445nm) portable laser for under 200 bucks*.
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 22:52 20/04/10 | Comments: 1
You're planning to WHAT?
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:35 19/03/10 | Comments: 1
That's just wrong.
This really is
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 00:52 10/03/10 | Comments: 1
the most incredible CGI.
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