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This is the real news
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 16:59 26/11/06
I especially like the paragraph "The family told the newspaper they had noticed a strange smell from her room but had blamed it on rats."
Pando, what the hell is that ?
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 20:18 14/08/06 | Comments: 1
Pando, what the hell is that ?

A rater nifty way of sending large files to someone

Geek Wars
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 11:19 03/02/05 | Comments: 3
You know your a geek, you know you love Star Wars, and you know you going to love the guy who reproduced Star Wars in Ascii art.


Steve Jobs Keynote Speech
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 15:43 11/01/05
Apple have canceled the live keynote speech but a couple of guys will be relaying it live over IRC.
Eve Online
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 10:17 20/12/04 | Comments: 5
Like Elite, you will love Eve Online, i installed it yesterday, found a 14 day free trial and im going to be busy this christmas.


Organic Drugs Anyone ?
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 13:03 08/12/04
Nics prediction for a future market opening.
What every motorcyclist or budding bodger needs
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 17:29 25/10/04 | Comments: 1
It tells you how late you are because your bike has broken and the means to fix it.


X Prize
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 15:16 29/09/04 | Comments: 15
X Prize webcast launch of space ship one now on www.xprize.org
Virtual Desktop Manager Windoze
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 17:54 10/08/04 | Comments: 2
This is probably old news but ive just found out about it. Windows Powertoy linux like virtual desktops for windows http://www.snapfiles.com/get/msvdm.html

Sorry i cant remember where the official MS download is.


I am a mechanical genius / The best tool i have ever owned
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 13:50 14/07/04 | Comments: 8
I had the concept that instead of paying a mechanic to change the chain and sprokets on my bike i would do it myself.

I did my research looked at the faqs, an knew exactly what to do.

Huh ? Im sure i worked for these people.
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 11:26 09/07/04 | Comments: 2
At fist sight i thought why did you tell me to look at this site. Looks just like any other Agency site. Then i read it and realised.

Dave, Im sure we used to work for them didnt we ?


For all those Windows IPod Users
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 12:27 08/07/04 | Comments: 6
Got an ipod not fond of having to use itunes to syncronise your iPod. There is a new plugin out from winamp so you dont have to.


Email to Rss
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 18:47 06/07/04 | Comments: 4
After playing with EmailtoRss.com for a while i realised it is somewhat inadequate.

So i started to build one myself.

Oops if only id know that before we .....
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 16:43 25/06/04 | Comments: 1
Vietnam was just one big mis-understanding or so the following article claims.


Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 12:59 21/05/04 | Comments: 6
Napster lives and believe it or not its actualy quite good.
Email to RSS
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 11:38 26/04/04 | Comments: 1
Finally get all that Yahoo group garbage out your inbox and into your RSS.
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 10:02 26/04/04 | Comments: 2
We all dislike but tollorate Microsoft, we all loved the cross platform and open source features of java but now just maybe there is a new alternative.
Red hat linux
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 10:18 25/04/04 | Comments: 2
Back to Linux ?
Ladies and Gentelmen we are floating in space
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 15:42 23/04/04 | Comments: 1
"All i want 's a little love to take the pain away..."
Spam or Seti / Oral Sex Pryamid Scheme
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 10:02 15/04/04 | Comments: 3
Spare processor cycles ? Now you have the choice Spam or Seti, and while your computer is processing the spam why not sign up to the oral sex pyramid scheme.
3G iPod ?
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 10:41 08/04/04 | Comments: 4
Some thoughts about the ultimate media player.
Zombies and Popular Music
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 15:01 05/04/04 | Comments: 1
Zombies are more popular than Justin Timberlake / Slash Horror and the Grateful Dead.
Akira Motorcycle Anyone
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 10:15 05/04/04
I want one, i want one, i want one
Secure Access To Images
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 09:21 22/08/03 | Comments: 5
It just keeps on getting more and more complex.
A first test entry
Nic Jackson [Blogs::Nic] 22:45 21/08/03 | Comments: 1
Just to demonstrate how it works :-)