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Email to Rss
by Nic Jackson at 18:47 06/07/04 (Blogs::Nic)
After playing with EmailtoRss.com for a while i realised it is somewhat inadequate.

So i started to build one myself.

The problem with Email To Rss is that you can not use it to subscribe to mailing lists.

DOH ! the very reason i wanted to use it i want all that mono cruft out of my inbox and into my RSS reader.

So i started to build one, so far so good it supports multiple feeds, the interface is a bit crummy but ok for the time being. It will automatically filter a feed for number or messages and / or data size for collection of messages stored in the feed.

I finally managed to build the final bits this morning that alow me to reply to an email sent to the system thus activating the mailing list. I got the conformation to say the list was active great, let the messages roll.

Now here is my problem, the way the mail collection works at the moment is that all mail is dumped into a catch all account (feeds have individual address). I planned on using the address in the mail's to field i.e rss5@rss.pictureserv.com to identify its owining feed.

Yes i didnt take into account that mailing lists might just be sent to list@blahblah.com.

I dont know much about email, i've had a look at the specs but i cant find the header that would reliably give me the address to which the mail was intended.

Delivered-to looks promising but i believe this is not always going to be present. So then i thought maybe the Received headers ?

Im sure there has to be a reliable way of doing this doesn't there ?

Thanks in Advance,

|| | |||||| |||||||||| || ||||

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