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Just a personal 'blog.
Hail Eris! Robert Anton Wilson dies
Gordon Hundley [Blogs::Gordon] 22:35 12/01/07 | Comments: 1
The world is a less interesting place.
From the Burning Shed
Gordon Hundley [Blogs::Gordon] 06:29 21/07/06 | Comments: 1
Porcupine Tree shows iTunes the way forward.
Unrepentant cheat
Gordon Hundley [Blogs::Gordon] 06:37 28/05/06 | Comments: 5
Isn't it about time that Michael Schumacher was thrown out of the sport of F1 and stripped of his titles?
Pallas in the the spring
Gordon Hundley [Blogs::Gordon] 09:49 06/05/06 | Comments: 11
I've long been a fan of Scottish progressive rock band Pallas. Last weekend they made a rare visit to the US of A, and I went to see them.
Gordon Hundley [Blogs::Gordon] 07:30 04/03/06
This Gadget from Celestron is rather clever.
Golf or science?
Gordon Hundley [Blogs::Gordon] 05:46 01/03/06
Rather good and troubling story about NASA planning to accomodate a stunt aboard ISS that appears to fly in the face of the CAIB requirements.
Old Easter eggs
Gordon Hundley [Blogs::Gordon] 18:40 17/02/06 | Comments: 2
Apparently Photoshop has some load screen "Easter eggs".
Convoluted server builds
Gordon Hundley [Blogs::Gordon] 07:21 15/02/06 | Comments: 1
Cheap fake RAID devices make Linux server builds tedious.
Intel, WTF?
Gordon Hundley [Blogs::Gordon] 17:49 13/06/05 | Comments: 9
Apple's shift to Intel doesn't appear to make any sense.
Another Mac OS X supercomputer
Gordon Hundley [Blogs::Gordon] 20:40 15/09/04
Reputedly nearly 60% of the peak throughput of the fastest computer today. Given that computer's peerless lead, it looks like a top ten entrant for November. Were it to be on the current Top 500 Supercomputer list, it would rank second.
Is this the VHS of digital music players?
Gordon Hundley [Blogs::Gordon] 03:20 29/07/04
Sony launches the Walkman NW-HD1.
TACK>>HEAD are back
Gordon Hundley [Blogs::Gordon] 04:03 09/07/04 | Comments: 9
Legendary eclectic innovators Tackhead have reformed and are going to record and tour.
A new astronaut enters the history books
Gordon Hundley [Blogs::Gordon] 16:37 21/06/04 | Comments: 5
Mike Melvill has become the world's first astronaut not sponsored by a government agency. The news desks haven't grasped the significance of this yet, although on-site CNN reporter Miles O'Brien got it.