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Unrepentant cheat
by Gordon Hundley at 06:37 28/05/06 (Blogs::Gordon)
Isn't it about time that Michael Schumacher was thrown out of the sport of F1 and stripped of his titles?
Here is a man who appeared to deliberately collide with Damon Hill in order to win the 1994 World Championship. A man who appeared to deliberately collide with Jacques Villeneuve in an attempt to win the 1997 World Championship, and who was subsequently found guilty of dangerous driving and who was required to lend his time to a driver safety campaign as "punishment". He's managed to get away with altering his line more than the allowed once to defend a corner on several occasions (the FIA has been lax about policing this and Michael is not alone in his abuse of this safety related ruling) and he's managed to get away with more than one case of what appears to be brake testing of another driver. The very fact that he accused Coulthard of brake testing him (nay, "trying to kill him") when Coulthard slowed in the rain in Belgium in 1998 suggests that Schumacher would even think of such a horrible and dangerous thing as brake testing another driver on a racing circuit. On that day, Coulthard was in the wrong, making a poor error of judgement due to inexperience, but we learned another facet of Michael's ugly mind.

This weekend he was found by the stewards to have stopped his car, purposefully and deliberately, on the racing line at Monaco while he was holding the fastest qualifying time, but while at least one other driver was set to displace him. It is my opinion that Michael Schumacher is a danger to other drivers, to stewards and spectators. Frankly, I think that he's a pathetic cheat, and he's not worthy of the title "sportsman", let alone "champion".

Ironicly, Michael Schumacher is the chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association, whose stated primary objective is to improve and maintain safety standards in F1 motor racing.

If that isn't seen as casting the sport into disrepute, I don't know where the hell the politicans running F1 are going with what remains of the "sport".

Kudos at least to the stewards at Monaco for making what will probably turn out to be a politically suicidal decision. How long before Bernie and his pals remove Monaco from the calendar now?


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