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Dave's Blog
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Return of the mac....
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 12:21 13/01/16 | Comments: 3
It's been a while
Who Needs to repaint
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 16:01 20/11/12 | Comments: 1
Just have white walls and a couple of these.....

Mood Lights

and more

They work like a charm....quite impressed (especially with the one with the remote)

Fringe Episode 7 Series 5
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 00:36 18/11/12 | Comments: 1
ends with a scene of Walter in deep thought and Here and Now's The Man Who Stole the World playing in the foreground.

Made me smile....thank's Simon....

Remember the face on Mars
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 03:29 12/08/11 | Comments: 3
Well, take a looky here on Vesta

Look at the bulge on the RHS and the white line that goes inwards from it.

Above and near the end of the line...zoom in....a face :)

{Update} It's William Tell's son, there's def a red apple above his head. :)

Not so sure about the Hexagonal structure surrounding it all.....

Dear Apple
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 19:45 24/07/11
Apart from a few minor gripes
(no colour in the finder,
greyed out buttons in Safari,
no full grid of windows in Mission control,
having to create aliases to fix my stacks due to
not being able to control all /Apps files,
a manual fix to the VPN to get it to work properly)

I'm loving Lion, but

I have the Kindle app on my iPhones and iPad and Macs
I have the iBooks app on my iPhones and iPad and ....oh

When is the iBooks app for Mac ever going to appear ?

thank you kindly ...

It's National Canoe Week
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 17:56 05/05/11 | Comments: 3
apparently :)

Anyway, to mark the occasion (actually it's pure coincidence:) and in preparation for this years Le Mans invasion I seem to have acquired one of these
and a BCU license (so I'm licensed to go on all the British waterways)

It's 2 person (and I have spare paddles and lifejackets) so if anyone fancies a couple of hours of messing about in a boat then please feel free to give me a prod.

I fancy having a go at this little trip , route here, on Sat or Sun, anyone up for it ?

PS There are many routes too choose from.

Tell me it isn't so
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 15:22 12/04/11 | Comments: 2
Well, it made me laugh
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 10:23 17/02/11 | Comments: 5
cracking little device

Currently connected to my UK iPhone3, German iPhone4 and my iPad. But I'm listening to the built in FM tuner atm.

Well worth four Darwins. Recommended.

The Big Bang
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 21:50 01/02/11 | Comments: 1
what a bizarre movie.

It's crime thriller that involves an LHC and the best nerd sex I've ever seen; never thought of the fundamentals of physics as a turn on before :)

"This is the only worthwhile pursuit in the universe , Bro"

"Why do men have nipples"

Dan Brown meets science and the Mariachi on acid....


* May require excessive suspension of disbelief :)

soundtrack by Johnny Marr

David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 20:26 28/12/10 | Comments: 2
the quality of the lectures gets worse every year. They've really been dumbed down. Hardly worth watching these days....Harumph.
Beam me up Scotty
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 16:44 11/11/10 | Comments: 4
That Facetime is bloody scary. You can phone people without having a phone number (cheers Simon:) , just an email address....my head is hurting with the paradigm shift... :)
Kind of one for Bruce
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 19:19 21/07/10 | Comments: 2
not exactly a product or thing, but some subtitles.....

Whale Wars Series 2 episode 5

Lets Go Sailing
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 16:56 19/12/09
on Titan.


BSA lives
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 11:28 11/12/09 | Comments: 6
Not the famed motorcycle manufacturer, but the new British Space Agency
Solar Tsunamis
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 14:10 27/11/09 | Comments: 1
or MHD´s are real....

Cool (or not as the case may be:)

Significant amount of water found on moon
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 17:29 13/11/09 | Comments: 2
according to CNN's breaking news.....
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 17:22 14/10/09

(stolen from a post on Fb by Richard L Clauson:)

Forget Delhi
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 18:27 29/06/09 | Comments: 2
Buzzcocks at Cropredy this year, oh yes....
Friday @ Guilfest
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 12:25 15/06/09
Having missed the Stranglers playing at Le Mans sat night due to sunburn and exhaustion :) I've noticed they're playing at Guilfest on 10th July along with Eat Static, Nouvelle Vague and Motorhead.

Worth a punt I thought...

As pointless as
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 20:22 07/05/09 | Comments: 1
alcohol-free beer or decaff. coffee

Whatever next.... :)

Laugh and the whole world
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 02:24 08/04/09 | Comments: 1
laughs with you.

Curse and the whole world watches :)

Gardening leave
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 14:06 30/03/09 | Comments: 4
a whole new experience for me, being paid to sit in the garden.
That would be
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 14:54 27/03/09 | Comments: 2
me then :)

S'funny how those people that actually did all the work never got a mention......

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