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Dave's Blog
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David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 20:25 26/03/09
on the Earth

v. cool.

Flowery Twitters
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 13:38 26/03/09 | Comments: 1
The Earth is about to take control :-0
Port Tunneling web sessions through ssh
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 10:21 26/03/09
Note to self (before I forget)

Remote host=theserveryouwant
port=1159 (e.g like the one Enterprise Manager uses)

edit /etc/hosts on local so that it reads localhost theserveryouwant

ssh -L 1159:localhost:1159 -X username@theserveryouwant

then you can surf to https://theserveryouwant:1159/whatever


Terminator Cometh
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 16:24 23/03/09 | Comments: 8
Load too heavy ?

Then you need a BigDog :-o

Google Street Maps
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 11:38 19/03/09
comes to the UK.... scary stuff...
Daft Punk your
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 17:48 15/03/09

I feel a serious loss of productivity coming on :)

Flower Storm
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 19:57 27/02/09
Arrrr, Matey

comment#13 a lovely new phrase, I likes it, a lot. (and the sentiment behind it)

King and Co unreachble by mail?
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 13:21 16/02/09 | Comments: 2
A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

(generated from trish@kingand.co.uk)
SMTP error from remote mail server after MAIL FROM: SIZE=4469:
host likening.co.uk []: 550 Access denied - Invalid HELO name (See RFC2821
(generated from neil@kingand.co.uk)
SMTP error from remote mail server after MAIL FROM: SIZE=4469:
host likening.co.uk []: 550 Access denied - Invalid HELO name (See RFC2821

Have I got the address right ?

Lightbulb moment
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 15:03 05/02/09
that is the coolest thing I'ver seen all week (including the temperature:)
Happy Birthday Bruce
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 12:05 03/01/09 | Comments: 3
hope ya have a good un....
Want a Supercomputer at home ?
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 18:19 18/12/08
Then buy a few PS3's and do this


What's that in your Garden Shed ?
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 14:10 11/11/08 | Comments: 4
oh, it's just a Nuclear Reactor

Anyone got 13 million squid they can lend me ? :)

2D Solar Cells
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 19:27 18/09/08 | Comments: 1
are sooo last century....

Good job there's a 12 year old American whose invented
3D solar cells that may be 500 times more efficient

David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 02:07 18/09/08 | Comments: 1
I thought LHC was a pseudonym for Large Hadron Collider.

It is not, apparently it stands for

Large Hackable Collider :-0

Home Sweet Home
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 10:28 01/09/08
It's good to be back, had my first chilled weekend in the garden in almost 2 years !!

Now there's this mountain of paperwork and bills to deal with :-0

Stonehenge excavation pics
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 13:36 29/07/08 | Comments: 2
Secrets of Stonehenge unearthed

I thought you might like the last picture Simon....

What Do you Plan to Do Tonight Pinky ?
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 11:15 17/07/08 | Comments: 3
Tonight, with my Ipod Touch and Mocha VNC I plan to take over the world^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hmy macbook Air

That is just the coolest thing ever........ I now have no need to leave the smoking room :)

Funky not so groovy
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 20:40 11/07/08 | Comments: 1
update to MobileMe and Iphone 2.0 software for Itouch..... (web site says 'Buy Now', Itunes Store says 'Fuggov')

Poor show I say.... :( (or do I now suffer from unreasonably high expectations?)

David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 15:59 03/07/08 | Comments: 4
After a 3 year hiatus, I've finally decided to put the site back up. I kinda missed it :)

There's only the old front pages there at the moment , due in part to my time being taken up trying to fix the MacBook Air that I took back today...and which I will receive a replacement for tomorrow and the fact that I've been busy/schmoked too many doobs/had no motivation/flock of locusts etc....

Watch that space, I feel an update/ redesign coming on.....

Whilst we're on the subject, up to this point I've just used plain HTML, is that still the best thing to use or should I be doing it some other/more enlightened way ?(sorry haven't been keeping up with that sort of tech)

I have succumbed
David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 12:44 23/06/08 | Comments: 5
to the ubersexiness of the Air (and the Touch)

Bad bad me.... :)

David Crowson [Blogs::Dave] 13:50 17/06/08 | Comments: 6
this might actually work....

Of course, I want one :)

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