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by Nic Jackson at 10:02 26/04/04 (Blogs::Nic)
We all dislike but tollorate Microsoft, we all loved the cross platform and open source features of java but now just maybe there is a new alternative.
I've been devloping with VB and other Microsoft based languages for some time now.

Its my job it pays the bills, and beside i like to write code, id rather write code than watch TV, a geek well if thats your definition : )

Anyway i can code Java but ive never really taken to it. I cant quite put my finger on what it is i mean its not the language itself more the implementation.

I want to develop an application that everyone can use and because Windows has this grudge against Java. Its just too much to install a java application for the majority of the populous.

So, ive been working with C# now for about 12 months and i love it. Its a completely brand new language based upon simmilar ideas to that of Java (CLR, JIT, Platform Independance). It has great pre built API's which make knocking up a quick app almost quicker than searching google to see if anyone has pre-built one.

It does however have the drawback of being spawed from the devils own loins. There is hope though a team of very clever people have created an open source runtime and compiler which runs on linux / mac / etc. Called Mono, they appear to have quite a lot of the bones of the language implemented.

As soon as i get linux installed on my laptop which will be some task in itself i fully intend to try it.

Trust me it is a good language (allbeit missing a 7bit integer type) which will be coming soon from a Jackson near you. C# is already one of the hottest properties in Windows world with microsoft intending to implement the runtime at the heart of future operating systems meaning that drivers etc can be written in C#.

If Mono is as good as it looks i am going to be a very happy man. Its exactly what i want from a language. Cross system capabilities and practicall implementation.

Im downloading Debian now i can post you a CD if you dont have broadband ?

Go Mono

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