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Zombies and Popular Music
by Nic Jackson at 15:01 05/04/04 (Blogs::Nic)
Zombies are more popular than Justin Timberlake / Slash Horror and the Grateful Dead.
Having planned a nice quiet night in with "her indoors" on Friday night, off i went to Blockbuster in an attempt to find a nice entertaining video we could watch.

Whilst perusing the shelfs, instantly rejecting the usual hollywood garbage i came across House of 1000 Corpses.
Not exactly what i had in mind for the evening but i was curious so i rented i wasnt sorry.
It was your classic thin plot 2 couples stray of the beaten path and run into a psyco and get butchered horror, but entertaining.

Anyway so my brain is now working when i get to work this morning i decide to check out the House of 1000 Corpses website to see if i can get a desktop picture of Captain Spaulding.

Now this is when things start to come together i do a search for the word Zombie on google and it returns 2,400,000 pages.
A hell of a lot it appears the undead have quite a presence on the world wide web. So i think lets do a search at the other end of the web spectrum to say which way the balance lies so i do a search for the pop Zombie Justin Timberlake. This only returns 1,080,000 searches meaning the world wide web is definately weighted in the favour of the undead.

Now still on my investigation into the internets undead i decide to see how easy it will be to find audio and video. As you could imagine it was surprisingly easy www.archive.org have Night of the living dead for download. Surfing a little further archive.org i click on audio to see what i can find. Success I come across quite a lot of live Grateful Dead concerts.

So in my search for the undead i uncover some rare live audio of one of my favourate bands. I still have faith in the net it always delivers when you least expect it.

Also on archive.org you can find this How to buy meat "a U. S. Department of Agriculture's consumer meat specialist who gives valuable tips on buying and preparing meat ...." -- Nic
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Zombies and Popular Music Nic Jackson - 5/04
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