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3G iPod ?
by Nic Jackson at 10:41 08/04/04 (Blogs::Nic)
Some thoughts about the ultimate media player.
Call myself a geek, i should be ashamed of myself. Its confession time, not only do i not have broadband at home, i dont even have an internet connection.

In my defence though i do have a wireless laptop, and i get my fix buy surfing from the various public (im not sure if the owners know they are public) hotspots where i live.

But im thinking as cheap as free internet is its a pain in the a~se to get. Quite literally speaking one hotspot which i can get from my flat can only be obtained if i lie on the floor of the spare room, just between the bed and her indoors dressing table facing North East. Prolonged use of this hotspot is dangerous for my health and various injuries have been obtained. Cutting my head on the corner of the bed, and being beat up when i inadvertenly knocked over a bottle of her indoors' favourate perfume.

So i think if im going to do it, im going to do it in style, broadband no sorry broadband is sooo passe.

Im going to get 3G broadband, thats right broadband over the new 3G cellular phone network. Thats internet wherever i can get a mobile phone signal (well provided im inside the M25 at the moment).

Its a little more expensive but just think of the possibilities,

I can read my email sitting in the park,

Multimap is no more than a few keystrokes away so i can find the park (useful if you know my sense of direction)

At last i can telecommute from the pub

I can stream mp3 from my work server whereever i am.

Now this last idea has potential, when 3G mobile phones come out i could create a little java application that would stream MP3 from my archive at home.
I would never have to update my ipod (assuming i own one).
I would only need to carry my phone nothing more.
Limitless possibilities, i could tap into internet radio, or even television.

How cool would that be, provided the phone companies dont stiff us on bandwidth 3G is going to be a geeks dream. Permenant fat connection to all your files.

In theory the technology is possible now i could build the application for my Sony T610, but GPRS is nowhere near fast enough or cheap enough.

3G a waste of money i dont think so.

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