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Bruce's blog
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Excellent agony aunt letter
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 16:39 03/07/07 | Comments: 2
This made me laugh more than these things usually do...
Chef xxxx xxxxx
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 17:17 25/05/07
So I was just browsing hotels, as you do, trying to set something up for our forthcoming 10th wedding anniversary (it's a surprise, but there's less than no chance she'll ever read this), and found this (with a screen grab here for after they fix it).
gmail weirdness
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 09:31 23/05/07 | Comments: 3
Well it's not THAT weird but I'm trying to work out what's going on.
British Heart Foundation just made my shitlist
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 12:35 25/04/07 | Comments: 4
OK they're a charity, but that doesn't make them immune to incompetence.
Royal Mail really know how to make you feel special
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 15:50 17/04/07 | Comments: 1

Dear null,

Thank you for purchasing from www.royalmail.com/onlinepostage.

Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 15:48 05/04/07
This chap's solution to the problem of his neighbours stealing his wireless bandwidth is worth a giggle:
What's the scam here?
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 14:37 04/04/07 | Comments: 5
I've been getting an increasing number of emails of the "be our agent in the UK and earn cash in your spare time" ilk.
Multi-boot orgy
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 14:34 23/03/07 | Comments: 3
So you can run Windows on an Intel Mac with Apple's Boot Camp, and get all the speed and loveliness of running native, should you need it.
Sovereign Apps
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:28 16/03/07 | Comments: 20
My clichéd list of sovereign apps keeps growing as I remember more and more stuff. (I can't belieeeeve I missed Novacaster off! Now remedied)
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 01:02 15/03/07 | Comments: 2
Now this is cool.
My namesake in Texas
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 21:01 10/03/07
There is a Bruce Ure in Watauga, Texas (amongst others) -- director of Watauga's Department of Public Safety. I sometimes look him up and see what's going on in his life.
Mac Pro crashes
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 08:25 22/02/07 | Comments: 14
Well so much for reliable. My Mac Pro isn't.
Basic phones
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:37 16/02/07 | Comments: 6
I'm feature-fatigued.
Stupidly good torch
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:48 08/02/07 | Comments: 2
Anyone in the market for a good LED torch could do worse than take advantage of this offer from Maplin.
Scan Computers just made my shitlist
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 21:27 07/02/07 | Comments: 23
So I place an order with Scan, thinking they look cheaper (even) than Novatech and have a wider range, and am slightly disconcerted to discover AT THE CHECKOUT, i.e. after an hour's careful selection of stuff, that the order won't be dispatched for FOUR DAYS.
Mac daftness
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:53 23/01/07 | Comments: 14
OK, it's a bit of an inflammatory title, but it's another Finder annoyance and it'll be interesting to see if it's just me.
Burger King smashed up - video posted on YouTube
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 14:04 18/01/07
This has to rank as one of the stupidest things done by a criminal in recent years.

[Smash up a Burger King, video it on your phone, post the video on YouTube using your real name.]

OSX's concurrent tasking
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 11:18 17/01/07 | Comments: 20
I don't think much of the way OSX cops out of some multiple operations.
Interesting finds on google maps
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 14:25 05/01/07 | Comments: 6
I just found a jumbo jet, while searching for possible new training runs at the Devil's Punchbowl in Hindhead.
Elgato just made my shitlist
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 06:43 13/12/06 | Comments: 2
A measure of just how much the the Elgato EyeTV device has pissed me off is the fact that I decided to get up and write about it at 5:45.
Sushi by Moped
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 20:07 10/11/06 | Comments: 2
At last, a food delivery service in New Malden that not only isn't pizza or Indian, but is sushi: Forest and Ocean, 020 8337 7500 / 020 8330 4369, and apparently their web site is bibimbub.com although that seems to be another branch.
Ostrich by Post
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 14:47 10/11/06 | Comments: 1
I just placed a trial order for prime ostrich fillet from OsLinc. If it checks out well, it may be on the menu this Christmas.
1and1 just made my shitlist
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 10:09 02/11/06 | Comments: 5
For the second time in 3 months the idiots at OneAndOne, my rackspace providers, have reset the DNS on my ure.org.uk domain to its default (wrong) setting, and then denied all knowledge of it, insisting that someone must have logged in to my account and so I ought to change my password with all speed.
View other people's security cameras
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 07:51 06/10/06
As reported in Da Reg (by Robert Schifreen, no less, aka hex)... Search for inurl:CgiStart?page=Single or axis inurl:view/index.shtml and find things, here, here, here, here, here, and here ...

I particularly like the last one.

Skype just made my shitlist
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 07:24 28/09/06 | Comments: 5
Got an email from Skype this morning:
Chris Morris / Day Today names
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 09:32 21/09/06 | Comments: 2
Just because I keep forgetting these... a compilation of as many as I can remember / trawl from the web.
Bargain Kona/Scott/Felt/Haro mountain bikes
Bruce Ure [Blogs::Bruce] 15:39 20/09/06 | Comments: 3
Anyone wishing to avail themselves of a bargain mountain bike should run fast to High Peak Cycles' eBay store where awaits them a reasonably large but rapidly shrinking list of 2005 bikes at stupid prices.
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