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Today's IWITOT
by Bruce Ure at 14:14 25/05/12 (Blogs::Bruce)
Excellent idea, so simple.



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Today's IWITOT Bruce Ure - 14:14 25/05/12
Re: Today's IWITOT Simon - 22:08 25/05/12
Re: Today's IWITOT Steve - 17:14 28/05/12
Unless I'm missing something, it isn't quite wireless, is it?

The detector has to be close to the LED to ensure no interruptions. Light is more easily blocked or reduced than microwaves, so if the detector was on my PC, I'd get data loss each time I stepped into the shadows.

And if it isn't wireless, then I can't see it taking off.

What am I missing?


Re: Today's IWITOT Bruce Ure - 23:30 28/05/12
Close as in a few feet away, so it'd be fine sitting on a desk with the light above, an anglepoise maybe, or even ceiling light(s).

Yes moving around could be problematic, you'd have to try and engineer it so the LED was damn bright and the receiver damn sensitive, and LED on the computer also damn bright (probably infrared so it could be damn bright without being a bloody great light shining out of your computer).

It would help relieve the burden on the overcrowded WiFi frequencies.

As a practical technology it would certainly have limitations but as a concept, IWITOT :)


- Deleted User Account - 01:03 30/05/12
Re: Today's IWITOT Bruce Ure - 22:41 30/05/12
Actually knowing stuff about stuff can really put a downer on stuff can't it.

I wonder if anything will ever come of it.


Re: Today's IWITOT Steve - 00:04 31/05/12
That's a very crucial point, Bruce. The less you know about what is possible, the more likely you are to stumble on something innovative. I think this goes to the root why things designed by committee tend to be less innovative than things designed by individuals. Individuals often don't know what isn't possible so they persist in trying to make something work beyond its parameters and often they prove those parameters to be illusionary.


- Deleted User Account - 22:38 31/05/12