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Virgin/BT privacy/security
by Bruce Ure at 13:24 21/03/12 (Blogs::Bruce)
How can this be?
My friend (ahem) signed up for a Virgin broadband account, and their partner, in whose name the BT line is managed, went to ring BT to cancel their service, only to find that BT had received and accepted a cancellation request already from Virgin.

Surely that's "inappropriate" at best?


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Virgin/BT privacy/security Bruce Ure - 13:24 21/03/12
- Deleted User Account - 17:48 21/03/12
Re: Virgin/BT privacy/security Bruce Ure - 18:20 21/03/12
I agree, BT are just insanely bad. Typical example: we're about to do a move for a customer, and they ordered the BT line ages ago. They rang recently to check the status of the order, just to make sure everything was ok, but it wasn't: BT needed more info from the customer, but hadn't bothered to contact them to tell them that, so the order just sat there and now they've missed their go-live date.

I, er I mean my friend, wouldn't have gone with Virgin if BE Internet hadn't been stringing everyone along for so long about their fibre, with constant promises that it was nearly there, and bugger-all feedback to questions about when. I got fed up waiting. I've, ahem, they've ordered the superdooper Virgin fibre offering which is 120 megs. They traffic shape but only at peak hours, and only for torrent and other P2P file sharing traffic. I'm (they're) hoping that P2P speeds, even throttled, will be faster than my current ADSL, which is an advertised "up to 24" from which I get ~16.

And if not, meh. It's only donkey porn.


- Deleted User Account - 19:29 21/03/12
Re: Virgin/BT privacy/security David Crowson - 07:26 22/03/12
I did, it's a ploy of theirs to make you upgrade.....

Traffiic shaping, what a con.....If I buy a car I do not expect the manufacturer to send me letters telling me not to use the damn thing between 9am and 9pm, because I'm adding to congestion.

Don;t know how they get away with it..... in any other industry it would be laughable.....


Re: Virgin/BT privacy/security Bruce Ure - 17:34 22/03/12
Loads of other industries use similar tactics... restricted or cut-down base services with fewer restrictions if you pay more. It's just commercial reality, innit.

Luckily I can't upgrade, I'm at the highest tariff already :-)

One positive is that at least their TS is open... they say they adhere to whatever the guidelines are that say you need to let your customers know what, how, and when they use TS.


- Deleted User Account - 17:39 22/03/12
Re: Virgin/BT privacy/security Bruce Ure - 17:41 22/03/12
I should report you for giving information like that away...

Re: Virgin/BT privacy/security Bruce Ure - 17:09 22/03/12
Not me guv. If there are any then I can always use btguard or something... as it's not going to do them much good inspecting encrypted packets. Unless they block encrypted packets... but then where would we be???1?!!


- Deleted User Account - 17:41 22/03/12
Re: Virgin/BT privacy/security Bruce Ure - 17:45 22/03/12
How can they decrypt to see what sort of traffic it is though? Shirley the inspection will reveal only... gobbledegook. I clearly don't understand.

I may need to call on your skills to help me get decent throughput on my peak-time donkey porn.


- Deleted User Account - 17:53 22/03/12
- Deleted User Account - 21:19 22/03/12
Re: Virgin/BT privacy/security Bruce Ure - 22:20 22/03/12
Bit late for that mate think we've been rumbled... cops are outside... shit..... breaking the door d AAARGH
Re: Virgin/BT privacy/security David Crowson - 09:50 04/04/12
The dirty Bastids
Re: Virgin/BT privacy/security Bruce Ure - 23:54 04/04/12
If they throttle my 120 megs by 50% I will still have a nominal 60 megs compared to my nominal 24 now.

In practice of course, probably a totally different story. I get 28 days to change my mind. I wonder if the speeds will start to drop noticeably around 30 days.


- Deleted User Account - 17:59 08/04/12