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Drobo stupidity (me, not it)
by Bruce Ure at 11:25 29/08/11 (Blogs::Bruce)
So I've removed one of our Drobo Pros from the data centre to try and work out what's going on with it, because it's been behaving oddly.
It's been in use via iSCSI on a Debian system. For historical reasons, it's formatted NTFS, but that's no biggy because as any fule kno you can easily read/write NTFS on Linux, it's just a bit fiddly. Anyway it started to behave oddly with some file and directory corruption so I've brought it to my workshop to check it out.

I'm currently copying all the data onto some external disks, and then I'm going to re-format it in EXT4 and yada yada yada. Actually I've opened a support ticket with Drobo.

But I digress. What I wanted to explain was the lengths to which I went to set up these copy operations last night, and how clever and cunning I thought I was being. I had a gazillion terminal windows open and I'd written copy commands as long as your arm and I was tailing error logs and I basically felt completely at one with my system, I was in a zen-like state of bofh-ish mastery.

I got it to a point where it was all whirring along nicely and at 3:30 I decided I could finally stop hand-holding it and watching it, and go to bed. So I did what I always do when I go to bed: I pressed the button on my little remote that controls the 4-ways that my monitors are plugged into, so I can switch off all the monitors in one go.

So the monitors instantly went off, which was fine, but then I heard the Drobo's disks spin down and it was a couple of seconds before it hit me -- I'd plugged it into one of the same 4-ways that power the monitors.



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