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Re: Kudos to Mr Banton of this parish
by Steve at 18:33 24/08/11 (Blogs::Bruce)
Agreed - good that Novacaster is ahead of the pack but, from another perspective, I can't help but wonder what this means for the average consumer who has no idea what a cookie means.

To be honest, I think this is another example of a phenomenon we saw a few years ago when we did UX studies about common dialog boxes in Windows. Specifically the vast majority of users always opted to choose the default setting because they had no idea what the requests meant or how they were affected. So given a choice, I'd imagine most people will accept cookies simply because they've no idea what the choices actually mean. It's just way beyond them. And even for those who do care, there's a sense that not accepting cookies results in a degraded user experience. So just so not to miss out, they just accept.

What is really needed is to go back to the user experience and either not use cookies at all or structure the site so that the use or non-use of cookies is better reflected in the user experience so that people can make a more informed decision.

Just my opinion, not aimed at Simon or any specific site but at the whole issue in general.


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