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Industrial Blu-Tack equivalents
by Bruce Ure at 19:45 09/03/11 (Blogs::Bruce)
I googled for bulk quantities of Blu-Tack the other day, since my lumps of it it seem mysteriously to shrink overnight, and I found Pink-Tack.

Which was nice.

I ordered some but only because it was cheaper than the blue stuff (wonder why?)

Anyway in searching (hang in there, it gets even more interesting), I also found Black-Tack*, and ordered some, and it's bloody brilliant... it's like Blu-Tack on steroids. Really sticky, and really hard to pull apart. How have I never heard of or seen it?

So far so un-weird. But I took some of this Black-Tack to our new office building (yay office!) and it assisted in the affixing of the dartboard (yay office!) and generally was Useful.

I then (wait for it) peeled a plastic notice off the wall (FIRE EXIT or some such nonsense) and there was... Green-Tack. Yes GREEN TACK! And it is AT LEAST as sticky and industrial as the Black-Tack, only green.

What are the chances of that? I mean ok, heightened awareness says I'm susceptible to putty-like low-tack reusable adhesives at the moment (actually, who isn't?), but I've never even heard of Green-Tack, never seen it before, never likely to see it again, and in fact never even seen ANY putty-like low-tack reusable adhesives which are more industrial than Blu-Tack in my LIFE before, and here I discover BLACK-TACK and GREEN-TACK WITHIN JUST A FEW HOURS of one another.

I've got to sit down. Jeremy, fetch me a brandy.


* To the days when the nights were young

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