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We have no way!
by Bruce Ure at 09:02 03/12/09 (Blogs::Bruce)
I ordered some of these because I thought we could make a tidy profit for the school selling them at their fair tomorrow. Alas they're still not here but this reply from the seller almost makes the disappointment worth it.

Dear funcii,

But the friends you listen to me!

Your item is October 8, 2009 sent!

Now almost two months! We are sorry for the times!

We have no way!

The courier company staff are poor quality, delivery speed of particularly slow! We have no way! We are also very angry! Please understand that!

If you have another few days, still did not receive the items, I will back your money,

Sorry! Please understand that!

Please wait for a few days! If you still do not receive item, we will refund all your money!

If you have recently received items, I will be back to you 5usd as compensation! And left us with a good feedback!

I will be grateful!

I wish you and your family!

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We have no way! Bruce Ure - 09:02 03/12/09
Re: We have no way! Simon - 09:26 03/12/09
You have no chance to survive make your time.
Re: We have no way! Bruce Ure - 09:51 03/12/09
All your seven color crystal boll nutrition for flower are belong to us.

They are amazing things actually... tiny tiny and swell to hundreds(?) of times their original volume when soaked in water, and they look all glisteny lovely.


Re: We have no way! Simon - 10:21 03/12/09
Before I read what they were, I looked at the pic and thought - yum, lovely boiled sweets.
- Deleted User Account - 13:36 03/12/09
Re: We have no way! Jonathan Tuppeny - 13:45 04/12/09
Another delivery story.

I needed to send some documents to Branka in Montenegro. We decided that Montenegrin post probably wasn't reliable enough for the job so I sent them by UPS.

Checked on the website yesterday and yes the package had been delivered but signed for by someone else - I assumed a neighbour. But when I spoke to Branka she said the package hadn't arrived.

I had a text message this morning to say that the package had just been delivered by the postman. Turns out that UPS just sends stuff to a guy in Montenegro who then puts it in the regular post!

Re: We have no way! Simon - 15:41 04/12/09
What? WHAT?! That's bizarre!