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Not remotely useful
by Bruce Ure at 14:23 06/03/11 (Blogs::Bruce)
I spent HOURS last night putting the RF (as opposed to infra-red) remote volume control that went in the original Obsidian prototype power amp I built a few years back, into its own housing, so I could hide the power amp we use in the front room in a cupboard (RF required since it penetrates wood somewhat better than IR :)
Everything checked out OK, all worked, so I went to bed last night at 4am all smiley, got up this morning and IT DOESN'T FUCKING WORK.

Maybe I've been cat-sabotaged. but they would have had to unlock my workshop, and I'm thinking maybe they're not that advanced, even working together.



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Not remotely useful Bruce Ure - 14:23 06/03/11
Re: Not remotely useful Bruce Ure - 16:16 06/03/11
Yay! Fixy!

I left the battery out of the remote handset overnight, and it lost its trust relationship with the receiver.

Now paired up happily again.

It's an HIR6-433A (I'm sure most of you will have assumed it was).


Re: Not remotely useful Bruce Ure - 17:17 06/03/11
Spoke too soon. Just assembling everything, soldered a connection while forgetting to unplug the power socket... and now it really IS fucked.



Re: Not remotely useful Simon - 17:36 06/03/11
It's always the way isn't it? Remember when I brought over my perpetual motion machine to show you and managed to short it out?
Re: Not remotely useful Bruce Ure - 17:54 06/03/11
lol yeah I remember that! Shame really... we came damn close to solving the energy crisis.


Re: Not remotely useful Bruce Ure - 18:11 06/03/11
Oh this is bloody ridiculous. It's working again -- it had unlearned the transmitter again. I think maybe it's suffering from early-onset Alzheimers. Either that or I am.


- Deleted User Account - 12:24 07/03/11
Re: Not remotely useful Bruce Ure - 12:36 07/03/11
No I sussed it yesterday but I thought I'd hit the international updating-your-own-blog-posts 'nerd threshold' and decided not to bother. But since you ask... it's the fact that the pin from the SIL module that you connect via an LED and a resistor to VCC to indicate transmitter activity, doubles as the TRANSMITTER LEARN command if you connect it to GND instead. So by e.g. soldering the SIL side of the LED wire without unplugging the power (path to earth, albeit tortuous, via soldering iron!), and a number of other fiddles, I've been accidentally telling the receiver to learn a transmitter that never transmits -- because I didn't realise I was pressing it.

Make sense? No I didn't think so.

You are right about RFI being a bastard around here though. I blame the station, or the taxis, or the CI tower, or all three. My RF shed alarm didn't work because of it. Also the doorbell sometimes rings when it shouldn't (including when the neighbour's bell is rung, but that's another story).


- Deleted User Account - 14:06 07/03/11