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Rubik Cube Solution
by Simon at 17:54 12/12/12 (Blogs::Simon)
The original Rubik Cube came out when I was at school doing my O' levels in the late 70s. My pure maths teacher (Dr. David Keen) developed a notation and formulae for a number of moves that could be combined to solve any jumbled cube, he shared these with the class and we all learned to solve the cube as a result.
15 years afterwards I got in touch with him to ask if he still had a copy of his solutions and from them I put together a couple of GIF diagrams of the various moves which were then uploaded to a BBS called CIX for the edification of the denizens.

The original GIFs eventually went the way of all floppy-disk based archives, and none of my CIXen contacts had copies any more. And so the knowledge was lost. I'd long since forgotten the crucial moves that were required to flip a pair of corner cubes although echoes of the sequence were still existing in my head to torment me.

Recently, my Mum happened across a scrap of card upon which were my original notes from 1979, so I've recreated the diagrams and put them in an attached PDF for your delectation and delight.

At long last, the jumbled cube that's sat on my shelf for the last 10 years is now solved.

PDF file (58 K) Rubik notation and move sequences
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Rubik Cube Solution There is an attachment here Simon - 12/12
    Re: Rubik Cube Solution Bruce Ure - 12/12