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Total Lunar Eclipse June 15 2011 heads-up
by Simon at 22:20 19/05/11 (Blogs::Simon)
By happy coincidence or rather, orbital mechanics, the full Moon on June 15th will not only be rising totally eclipsed (as seen from Stonehenge), but it will be rising at almost exactly the same spot on the horizon that the Winter Solstice Sun did in 2500BC.

(Facebook folks may need to click 'view original post' to read more)

The Winter Solstice sunrise azimuth in 2500BC was 129° 57' (when the entire solar disc had just risen).

Moonrise azimuth on 15th June 2011 is 130° 11' (when the entire lunar disc has just risen)

14' of arc (the difference between the two azimuths) is about 1/2 the diameter of the Moon or Solar disc, so this is pretty close.

In fact it's this close:

If the weather gods are feeling kind, this is a great opportunity to have a squint through any ancient monuments you may have nearby to see if there are any obvious sightlines in this particular direction.

JPG image (10 K) vesica piscis
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