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Well, that seemed to go all right
by Simon at 12:48 25/05/10 (Blogs::Simon)
Regular readers (if there are such) of my blog will know I'm slightly obsessed with Stonehenge :-)

Having recently been accepted on to the English Heritage Education Volunteer programme at the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, I've just had an interview to become a paid part-time employee in the Visitor Operations Team.

It's the first actual job interview I've had in something like 11 years (bidding for new work for Novacaster isn't the same by any stretch), and I think it went quite well - although I won't know until Friday if I've been successful or not.

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This is something of a departure for me - completely unlike anything I've done before - being a small cog in a team that involves retail sales, dealing with ~1 million public visitors each year, shift work and rota patterns. And picking up litter, cleaning the toilets, fixing signs, trying to prevent tourists getting run over in the car park, standing outside for 9 hours in horizontal rain or blazing sun.

It's going to be personally challenging (assuming I get the job), but I'm looking forward to it. About time I got out of my comfort zone and took another leap of faith.

The long-term goal of getting the job title "Stonehenge Astronomer in Residence" may not realistically be achievable, but who knows?

Here's to the next chapter.

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