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Excellent phishing message
by Bruce Ure at 10:25 02/10/07 (Blogs::Bruce)
I just thought this one was particularly hilarious.

from PayPal <news@papyals.com> [yes, that's "papyals"]
to x3aoeg@bdge.net
date Sep 24, 2007 8:06 PM
subject PayPal News

Dear PayPal users, the information on new actions is given to your attention! Gifts! Bonuses! Discounts! At this moment Apple is taking a more than 5 actions to you. You can take part in competition, win iPhone and many other things. You can see a more information, in your PayPal account. Thank you, have a nice day!
PayPal News

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[link to paylpall.com] The Special sponsor of the action company Apple.


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Excellent phishing message Bruce Ure - 10:25 02/10/07
Re: Excellent phishing message Simon - 12:48 02/10/07
It's only because you've got a reasonable grasp of English that you spotted that - I suspect a fair proportion of the current products of our education system won't see anything wrong with that text at all.
- Deleted User Account - 15:35 02/10/07
Re: Excellent phishing message Jonathan Tuppeny - 15:52 02/10/07
Just got this spam - the writer has a similar gift with English. I particularly liked 'You are one of my minions' as a sign-off - I shall be using this henceforth!


As our respective customer you may examine first to anyone our new Internet page! Only original quality preparations at a moderate price!! 20% warranted rebate is only for you!!!

Pay attention to what write our glad customers:
From: Maryjo Jones
Subject: Simply thank you!
"Thank you so much you rendered me festal reductions & your unique propositions that save me my money and time, offering only pharmaceutics of maximum quality.
You are one of my minions,
I shall necessarily say about your drugstore to all my buddies!"

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Re: Excellent phishing message Bruce Ure - 16:03 02/10/07
That is very good indeed.

You know, I would like to be one of their glad customers too, but only if they would be willing to render me the same festal reductions.


- Deleted User Account - 16:49 02/10/07