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Apple should...
by Bruce Ure at 10:37 02/10/07 (Blogs::Bruce)
There's a blog title right there, but I'm going to restrict myself to a single 'should' for the moment, and that is this: Apple should make a grown-up version of iWeb.
iWeb is a beautiful app that has grown on me big-time in the last few weeks, but in the process I've discovered it produces code which is very un-optimised (to the extent that I've written a post-processor to tweak its output before I publish it). The trade-off for its amazing ease of use is its lack of flexibility -- you simply can't change stuff you want to be able to change.

So I think Apple should apply the same genius they have to iWeb, but in a grown-up version. Kind of like Aperture is to iPhoto.

By the end of the month will be fine, thanks, Apple.


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Apple should... Bruce Ure - 10:37 02/10/07
- Deleted User Account - 11:35 02/10/07
Re: Apple should... Bruce Ure - 11:45 02/10/07
Damn, I was hoping your message was going to say "But they already do, haven't you heard of iWeave?" or something.

I like DULL APE SHOP. Although I'm not sure if it's a shop selling dull apes, or a dull shop selling apes. I'm not sure a shop could be described as dull if it sold apes, so I reckon it must mean a shop selling dull apes. But why are they dull? Have they been trained to be dull? Were they born dull? Do they come from a long line of dull ape ancestors or did they start life interesting and become dull? Why? And exactly how dull are they? Enquiring minds want to know.


- Deleted User Account - 12:07 02/10/07
Re: Apple should... Hugo van der Sanden - 12:35 02/10/07
Phallus dope: 120/oz
Shape-up doll: 199 (299 with real hair)
Pea-pod hulls: 20 a bag (from "Pulse" Adolph)

Uploads help, as Victoria's Apple should know, so pictures will follow.


- Deleted User Account - 22:28 02/10/07
- Deleted User Account - 22:30 02/10/07
- Deleted User Account - 22:31 02/10/07
Re: Apple should... Bruce Ure - 09:40 03/10/07
iweave.com is being squatted, but iweave.co.uk is a web design company, ironically enough with a stunningly badly designed web site.



Re: Apple should... Simon - 09:55 03/10/07
Perhaps the logical improvement on iWeb should be called iWebslinger (insert homage to Stan Lee with a nod to Asimov)