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Ah, the joy of eBay's email notifications
by Bruce Ure at 10:35 10/08/04 (Blogs::Bruce)
I seem to have bought myself a fourth pair of Mission 780 Argonauts at the knock-down price of 100 quid.
Well I say fourth, actually I only have three now, as I gave one to Gareth as a birthday present a few years back.

One pair is on long term loan to Dave the Tree, and another has both bass units dead in one speaker thanks to a lightning strike last summer causing my power amp to throw DC at it. So I will have one and a half working pairs at my disposal as soon as the new ones are delivered on Saturday.


I plan to either get two new drivers (95 quid + VAT each) to fix the half-pair, or cut the boxes down to a more appropriate size for a single driver. Or maybe they want to be fitted in the car somewhere. Hmmmm.

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Ah, the joy of eBay's email notifications Bruce Ure - 10:35 10/08/04
Re: Ah, the joy of eBay's email notifications David Crowson - 14:36 10/08/04
You could make a wikkid ipod earphone set with those , then you wouldn't need EuPodVolumeBoost :)


Re: Ah, the joy of eBay's email notifications Paul Wakeford - 23:44 19/12/04
Are these the ones that went in the mobile brick? Still there?


Re: Ah, the joy of eBay's email notifications Bruce Ure - 16:17 21/12/04
Actually yes, well actually no, they were there until a couple of weeks ago when I had to remove them because I wanted to carry something in the back of the brick. So instead at present there is a full-height filing cabinet and a pair of Yamaha NX1s in the back of the brick. And it's really not loud enough.

I thought I'd show the filing cabinet the sights for a while and then take it up to my office. Then the Argonauts go back in. And I have a plan to put my Paradigm sub-bass in there as well, once I get it back from the fixers. It's a domestic (not car) unit. The fixers can't fix it, at least they could but it would need a new amp module, which would cost more than a complete new unit. So I figure rip the knackered amp module out and drive the cone direct from one of the car amps, low-passed and bridged. So we're then talking (clickety-click) 120W (rms) to the sub-bass and (clickety-click) 160W (rms) to the Argonauts.

And then I shall be one of the twats I look down my nose at as they drive past, incapable of hearing that they should have changed up a gear 100 yards ago and their pistons are about to burst through their bonnet.

"So that's what an arsehole looks like" I chuckle to myself. Well, now I can BE that arsehole.


- 'As interesting as THAT' (tm)