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Some more
by Simon at 10:29 15/07/04 (Blogs::Simon)
Didn't want to make the first reply any longer, so thought a second comment was in order.

It's not a question of sueing :-) It's a natural consequence of my having explained my idea to a couple of friends a few years ago that the effects of that have travelled backwards in time and affected the Universe in the past.

The effect I perceive now is that someone else has nicked my idea, but they haven't. In fact, I've probably only had the idea in the first place because someone 'upwhen' from now has managed to have such an impact on the Universe that the ripples travelling 'downwhen' from there have interacted with my consciousness.

Interacting consciousnesses across all time, if you like.

Our suspicions about possible future consequences of actions (both ours and others) definitely affect our behaviour in the present - it's a second order effect of the same theory. ie:

Until the point of decision, any future is possible and we may in fact be perceiving the backward-travelling ripples of an upwhen Universe where we took decision A. If we take those ripples on board (ie by interacting with them) and change our mind and pick decision B instead - there's a concrete example of the future affecting its own past!

Bigger ideas seem to manifest themselves further back in time, so (picks example out of the air) the idea of 'fire' is so big that it affected humankind about 2 million years ago.

The recently arrived concept of a Big Bang commencement to the Universe *may* be such a big idea that its initial effects were felt 15 billion years ago, and in fact caused the Big Bang itself. There's a pleasing circularity to it all. Eddies in the space-time continuum, you know :-)

Final thought - I don't conceive of Universes as being separate from one another as such, they are all interacting constantly across all time and space.

I have a suspicion that we are all collectively thinking the Universe into existence every instant, though from time to time I wonder if someone else is doing the original thinking and we're just specific thoughts in their matrix.


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