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Can you guys see
by David Crowson at 18:12 11/05/04 (Blogs::Dave)
the following ?


or do I need to open a firewall port....

If so then the playlist in the previous post is available under Playlists|Dr FeelGood :)

Stream or download, see if I care ;-p

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Can you guys see David Crowson - 18:12 11/05/04
Re: Can you guys see Hugo van der Sanden - 23:35 11/05/04

The connection was refused when attempting to contact ombomb.kicks-ass.org:8046


Re: Can you guys see David Crowson - 23:40 11/05/04
OK, I've port forwarded 8046 on the firewall, try again please....


Re: Can you guys see Simon - 09:01 12/05/04
"Your iPod is not connected. Connect using Anapod Manager in the systray."
Re: Can you guys see David Crowson - 09:06 12/05/04
< burns mode on >
< bm off >

You should see what you get when I plug the ipod in....html interface browseable, searchable and you can stream or dl tracks, albums, playlists....

Shame I'm doing stuff with it atm, I'll plug it in and let you know when it's avail....



Re: Can you guys see Simon - 09:16 12/05/04
Cool - get enough of those online and the world wide web will become a world wide iPod.
This afternoon... Simon - 12:51 13/05/04
I'll be down your way late this afternoon (probably just about 5), and will pop in for a quick cuppa, if that's OK?


Re: This afternoon... David Crowson - 13:42 13/05/04
no worries, I've only left the house twice in the last 2 weeks :)

hmmm, make that 3 times, I need to get some milk..