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Dave's Musical Motivator
by David Crowson at 12:15 09/05/04 (Blogs::Dave)
There's a little bit of funk
there's a little bit of soul
there's a little bit of disco
but combining on the whole

With a little bit of ambient
and a little bit of latin
a little bit of country
in a groovilicious pattern.

There's a little bit of love
there's a little bit of hate
in just the right proportion
the ambience should be great.

There's a little bit of acid
there's a little bit of trance
there's a little bit of everything
to make the people dance

Please play the list in order
but it's really up to you
I've just made it flow quite nicely
the best way I could do.

If you're feeling desperately down
or you're coloured the deepest blue
then play this list of music
and the world will smile at you.

1. Les Rythmes Digitales - Soft machine (3:36)
2. Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock (3:35)
3. Mekon f Roxanne Shant - Whats Going On (Jon Carter Mix) (4:55)
4. Faithless - Mass Destruction (3:33)
5. Quannum - I Changed My Mind (Stereo MCs Remix) (5:16)
6. Les Rythmes Digitales - Jaques Your Body (3:30)
7. Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line (Aquanote's Naked Adaptation Mix) (6:42)
8. Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Radio Edit) (3:29)
9. Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground (Paul Oakenfold Perfecto Mix) (6:05)
10. Tahiti 80 - A Love From Outer Space (3:30)
11. DJ Cam feat. Anggun - Summer in Paris (6:12)
12. Lovers Lane - Island Memories [Original Mix] (5:21)
13. Cousteau - Last Good Day Of The Year (5:00)
14. Riviera Royale presents Easy Access Orchestra - Wichita Lineman (4:55)
15. Moby - Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday) (5:09)
16. Sofa Surfers - Sofa Rockers (4:30)
17. Röyksopp - Poor Leno (3:57)
18. Rinocerose - Lost Love (Jean Jacques Smoothie Mix) (5:59)
19. Men From The Nile - Watch Them Come!!! (Jazzanova Remix) (7:43)
20. Minus 8 - Anima Sound System '68(de-phazz old style dub) (5:04)
21. Planet Funk - Inside All The People (4:01)
22. Tiefschwarz - Never (6:49)
23. Bran Van 3000 - Astounded (radio edit) (3:56)
24. Nightmares on Wax - Finer (Alex Gopher Mix) (5:00)
25. Groove Armada - Superstylin' (6:29)
26. Timo Maas - To Get Down (3:34)
27. Jakatta - American Dream (Radio Edit) (3:26)
28. Jean-Jaques Smoothie - 2 People (Mirwais Radio Edit) (3:28)
29. Tameka Starr - Going in Circles (Dj Art Version) (5:36)
30. Minus 8 - Snowblind (Taos Remix) (Feat. Billie) (5:24)
31. Pepe Deluxe - Lying Peacefully (Oakenfold) (5:41)
32. Llorca - Indigo Blues With Nicole Graha (5:55)
33. Nitin Sawhney - The Immigrant (5:50)
34. Planet Funk - Chase The Sun (Radio Edit) (3:40)
35. Basement Jaxx ft. Lisa Kekaula - Good Luck (4:42)
36. Madonna - Dont Tell Me (Vission Radio Mix) (3:50)
37. The Supermen Lovers - Starlight (6:04)

37 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:54
Playlist length: 3 hours 1 minute 26 seconds

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Dave's Musical Motivator David Crowson - 12:15 09/05/04
Re: Dave's Musical Motivator Simon - 14:43 09/05/04
That's pretty neat Dave.
Re: Dave's Musical Motivator David Crowson - 21:49 09/05/04
That's the trouble with staying up late and watching a film about the life of Paul Gauguin.


I woke up this morning and had a moment of inspiration, the list itself is actually 3 weeks hard joy (that's work thats fun:), but the poem is 5 minutes of madness , but what better way to introduce the list :)

I'm sure there's more to follow....
in fact the next list is on the way.

PS the list fits nicely into 256Mb ;-p


Re: Dave's Musical Motivator Nic Jackson - 09:40 10/05/04
Nice one Dave,

|| | |||||| |||||||||| || ||||

Re: Dave's Musical Motivator Bruce Ure - 12:50 12/05/04
> 22. Tiefschwarz - Never (6:49)

This is the finest track i've heard in a very long time.. one of those hairs-on-the-back-of-the-neck experiences, though i'm well aware not everybody will think like that about it :)

it's quite depressing really: 'I never want to grow old...' and she sounds like she really means it. Fear of dying ++. Discuss.


Re: Dave's Musical Motivator David Crowson - 13:31 12/05/04
One of my favs too, a quite a weird find last year..

OK , IPod is now online, test away please...

BTW Bruce , the version I have on the ipod is much better quality than the version I gave you :) but it should be easy to dl it from the web thingy....


Re: Dave's Musical Motivator David Crowson - 13:51 12/05/04
Woohoo, it works, had some peeps from another forum give it a go.

Gets a bit slow when there are more than 4 people having a go at once mind , all doinjg full track listings :)


Re: Dave's Musical Motivator Bruce Ure - 14:15 12/05/04
Stop mucking about! Get yourself a terrabyte raid array and a T3... there are folk out here depending on you for their music, dammit!
Re: Dave's Musical Motivator David Crowson - 14:23 12/05/04

This server already has half a terrabyte..

As for a fat pipe, donations gratefully received :):) , then maybe perhaps I'll open up the ftp facilities ;-p


Re: Dave's Musical Motivator Hugo van der Sanden - 13:40 12/05/04

Fear of dying ++. Discuss.

In general, pre-increment can be implemented something like this:

  increment through pointer
  return value pointed to

while post-increment looks something more like:

  read value through pointer
  store it in temporary variable
  increment through pointer
  return value of temporary variable

It is clear that post-increment cannot normally be achieved as efficiently as pre-increment, and therefore it is wise to use pre-increment wherever possible - and always if you're not going to use the return value.

I'd therefore recommend writing ++ Fear of dying.


Re: Dave's Musical Motivator Bruce Ure - 15:25 12/05/04
I'm now even *more* afraid of dying; lest I miss any more of your Stunning Explanations of Stuff.