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Maplin's product range expands
by Bruce Ure at 10:54 26/09/05 (Blogs::Bruce)
I was searching google for "ultra quiet relays".
Imagine my surprise when this link came up:


Sadly the page seems slightly broken, but it is definitely there.

I think I'll mail them and ask how much they are.


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Maplin's product range expands Bruce Ure - 10:54 26/09/05
Re: Maplin's product range expands Simon - 11:01 26/09/05
I spy the work of a disgruntled Maplin's employee :-)

If you get a reply, I'd love to know what they say.

Re: Maplin's product range expands David Crowson - 13:11 26/09/05
Ding Dong :)

Quite synchronous too as I've just ordered a set of these relays
Bloody Euro regs...no light switch, half the headlights on and no ability to have just sidelights....this'll fix 'em.(but no sidelights)


Re: Maplin's product range expands Bruce Ure - 12:19 27/09/05
So far no response. I did have a laugh writing the mail though:

From: Bruce Ure
Reply-To: Bruce Ure
To: sales@maplin.co.uk
Date: Sep 26, 2005 11:39 AM
Subject: Missing product details

I was googling for "ultra quiet relays" and found this link to a page
on your site:


However, whilst the page is there, it seems to be slightly broken.

Would you therefore please be able to give me some more details of the
harness, with particular reference to the 6 inch realistic dong? I
wonder if you might have any photos you could send me?

Thanks in advance

Bruce Ure