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Watch in awe
by David Crowson at 15:01 31/08/04 (Blogs::Dave)
as the tumbleweed blows through Novacaster....
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Watch in awe David Crowson - 15:01 31/08/04
Re: Watch in awe Hugo van der Sanden - 15:26 31/08/04
That's the problem with long weekends - they tend to be kinda long, and a bit weekendy.


Re: Watch in awe Bruce Ure - 15:42 31/08/04
Once again Hugo your superlative command of the English language has me almost struck dumb.


Re: Watch in awe David Crowson - 16:16 31/08/04
at least someone had a long weekend, I ended up doing 66 hours last week, 35 of which started friday morning:(

I didn't even get a full two day weekend....


Re: Watch in awe Bruce Ure - 16:23 31/08/04
'bout time you did some work you slacker!
Re: Watch in awe David Crowson - 17:53 31/08/04
bleeding cheek, isn't 21 yrs of living on the edge as a international IT mercenary enough ? ;-p

At least I could do the 35 hours from friday onwards from my sofa...just wake and go :)


Re: Watch in awe Gordon Hundley - 21:39 31/08/04
Our seasonal holiday is this coming weekend. Labor day or some such. Needless to say, it has been determined that its a good time to power everything down and replace the UPS systems.
Re: Watch in awe Bruce Ure - 10:59 01/09/04
At least you've /got/ UPS systems :-/
Re: Watch in awe Bruce Ure - 12:09 01/09/04
I didn't say 'had a job', I said 'did some work' :-)


Re: Watch in awe David Crowson - 17:06 01/09/04
*muttley mode on*
*muttley mode off*

The art of looking like you're doing nothing whilst doing everything is hard to master, but I've def. cracked it ;-p