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from the mouths of babes?
by suzannah steer at 00:59 06/04/05 (Forum::Community::General)
Jamie Oliver?...
Why all the critisism of Jamie Oliver's decision to tackle our school dinners?. I have 5 children, and I was lucky enough to have been encouraged to eat good food when I was growing up, so it was natural to me to do the same for my offspring, and I have enjoyed introducing new foods and tastes into their lives, because it is for life. However, its always been sadly apparent that not all parents feed their children a decent diet. It may be lack of education..hereditary habits..plain ignorance or pure laziness, and yes, a low income does limit choice, but I find it appallingly sad to see the look of distaste on a childs face when served everyday staple foods.
There's been much speculation surrounding Jamie oliver's motive for becoming involved with such an important issue as the fundamental welfare of this nations future, but hey..give him some credit!, I for one applaud his determination to up the quality of food fed to OUR children. If nothing else, his attention to this agenda has made me wonder why the hell..WHO the hell allowed our school meal system to fall into such a mess?...and one last word..all hail the dinner ladies/men, pay them properly..give them the support to feed our children..PROPERLY.
Thanks for this opportunity to vent my disgust..and death to the twizzler...!!!!!

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