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Stuart's Blog
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For more information about renewable energy technologies, please see Stuart's new website www.renew-reuse-recycle.com
Getting Planning Permission for a Domestic or Micro Wind Turbine
Stuart Bean [Blogs::Stuart] 11:46 23/12/05 | Comments: 2
We are delighted to have got planning permission to install a wind turbine in my back garden and hope to have
the generator installed by summer 2006.

Please see http://www.renew-reuse-recycle.com/showarticle.pl?id=31;n=701

Home Server
Stuart Bean [Blogs::Stuart] 16:26 30/08/05 | Comments: 1
A friend of mine is giving me a three year old server Compaq Proliant. What cool things could i do using it as a home server
What emergant technology is over the Horizon
Stuart Bean [Blogs::Stuart] 14:37 24/03/05 | Comments: 1
I am planning to run an event this July on emerging technologies that may disrupt and change the way we all do business. The audience will be decision makers from Trade Associations.
Stuart Bean [Blogs::Stuart] 15:24 18/03/05 | Comments: 5
I have a problem with Windows XP
Secret No More
Stuart Bean [Blogs::Stuart] 12:14 23/12/04 | Comments: 1
Good website showing what really is there on lots of the gaps on the UK OS Maps!