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The Old Marlborough Road Milestones
by Simon at 16:48 03/01/09 (Blogs::Simon)
Thought I'd go and try and find a couple more milestones along the Old Marlborough Road, having recently used a collection of old maps to plot their locations onto modern terrain (good old Google Earth!)
There's something odd about the one at the junction between the A345 and the road to the Winterbournes though, I think it's been carved with the wrong distance to Salisbury on it.

Dodgy Old Marlborough Road milestoneHang on - To Salisbury VI Miles? Surely that should be V Miles.

Some joker in the distant past has added an I - on all the other milestones on this road that I've seen so far, the Salisbury to Marlborough total mileage is 27, and here it's 28!

Attached is the KMZ file of the milestones I'm interested in.

JPG image (282 K) Dodgy milestone
KMZ file (Google Earth) (2 K) Old Marlborough Road milestones
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