I must have installed
by Bruce Ure at 00:52 03/03/09 (Blogs::Bruce)
a thousand peripherals over the years, from USB sticks to printers to scanners to hardware controllers to cameras and every other damn type of thing with a plug on it that you can think of, and NOT ONCE, not one single, solitary time, has the Microsoft 'Search now for drivers' function EVER worked.
Okay so if my device is made by the Microsoft Hates Me Corporation of Tokyo, then maybe I can understand why MS don't go out of their way to provide a working search facility for the drivers (although they should, if you ask me).

But tonight I attempted to install a Microsoft VX1000 web camera, that is to say, a web camera MADE BY MICROSOFT, and when Windows said "Oh! sorry, dunno what this is, want me to search for a driver?" and I said "Hey, yes mate, go for it!" I had the faintest, vaguest hope that MAYBE it might find some drivers.

No such fucking luck.

Not only did it not find them, but when I went to the MS web site, then the download centre, and searched for "VX1000", you know, the NAME OF THE PRODUCT, it returned zero, no, none, zilch, results.

I fucking despair, I really do.


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