Impressive OSX-ery
by Bruce Ure at 11:35 18/01/08 (Blogs::Bruce)
A while back I thought I'd screwed up some file operation or other by moving the destination file to a different folder midway through whatever it was that was happening to it. I think it was just being moved from one place to another. I pretty much convinced myself I was dreaming, but just now I had a chance to test something similar, and blow me if it didn't work.
I was unRARing a huge file, and knew I wanted to move it after it was finished, but instead of waiting, I thought I'd give it a go mid-operation to see what happened.

I was expecting an OS message saying the file was in use, but instead, the file moved. Not only that but rather than end up with two half-files, as you might have expected, the unRAR utility continued to unRAR *to the moved file*.

Whether this is a file system thing or an unRAR thing, I have no idea, but my money's on the former.



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