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by Bruce Ure at 09:37 23/11/04 (Blogs::Bruce)
The other day I started working on some modifications to a corporate room booking system (which itself is a textbook exercise in choosing the wrong tool for a job, but more on that another time).
Before making any changes I thought I should make a backup, so I copied the file, which was called:
to this:
company ROOM BOOKING SYSTEM_backup.xls
Going back to do some work on it a few days later I find that someone has renamed the backup to this:
company ROOM BOOKING SYSTEM_backup what is this.xls
I ask you, what part of this is beyond comprehension by even the simplest soul? Surely anybody with enough intelligence to be able to rename a file must also be able to read, and make reasonable deductions from the available information.

But apparently not.

Anyway, I have now renamed it again:

company ROOM BOOKING SYSTEM_backup what is's a backup, obviously.xls

I despair sometimes.

I will of course post any further developments in this riveting saga, right here.


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