Re: "Modern music sucks"
by Bruce Ure at 22:24 30/01/11 (Blogs::Bruce)
Of course ultimately it's all down to preference, I just wanted to have some fun with the notion that "all modern music sucks"!

I also, for what it's worth, care little for boy bands, and single female vocalists preferring talking the lyrics over singing. But I hope you're not sticking Ms Doolittle in that category (er, the latter one.. well hopefully not the former either).

Oh and one more thing... I wasn't expecting you to like all those bands that I listed; I'm sure if I wanted to come up with a list of bands I thought you would like I would have missed half of them off... I just wanted to illustrate that by thinking not even slightly hard it's possible to come up with a list of bands that can't possibly suck on account of they are well known and successful.. but then it all goes back to the preference/opinion thing, obviously.

Oh and one more thing (our main weapon is fear... fear and surprise) is, let's not overlook that you are totally wrong :-)


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