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Maccish web design software
by Bruce Ure at 16:45 28/03/07 (Forum::Technical Advice::General)
I've just persuaded a colleague to get a Macbook and a copy of Parallels in preference to a PC laptop.
She wants a really simple, cheap web design package.

I've found a thing called Rage WebDesign which looks quite nice and costs $29, but are there any other recommendations?


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Maccish web design software Bruce Ure - 16:45 28/03/07
Re: Maccish web design software Steve - 20:12 28/03/07
It depends. Is she pretty and unattached?


Re: Maccish web design software Bruce Ure - 20:22 28/03/07
lol, yes, er, she is very pretty, but she is attached*.


* To Steve Trowell of The Magnets.

Re: Maccish web design software Simon - 10:22 22/05/07
RapidWeaver is currently available for download via the MacUser site.


... registration required, and RapidWeaver's only available until the 27th May 2007.

Once you've grabbed it, you can get a free serial number from RapidWeaver's site

Re: Maccish web design software Bruce Ure - 10:49 22/05/07
Nice one, thanks... free stuff!

I've played with RapidWeaver as well as SandVox now, and they both seem to be fine products of their type. I slightly prefer the feel of SandVox, but RW has far more in the way of third party themes/templates. You can customise both their themes quite easily. If you want a quick solution without having to know about what goes on underneath, this is the way to go.

I tried iWeb as well but didn't like it as much as the other two.