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The Politics of Mathematics
by Hugo van der Sanden at 13:19 25/08/06 (Blogs::Hugo)
Who gets credit for solving the Poincaré Conjecture?
This article is a fascinating, in-depth study of the history and characters of people involved in solving the Poincaré Conjecture, one of the Clay Mathematics Institute's seven $1,000,000 "Millenium Prize Problems".

No technical knowledge required.


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The Politics of Mathematics Hugo van der Sanden - 13:19 25/08/06
Re: The Politics of Mathematics Jonathan Tuppeny - 10:45 26/08/06
As an aside, could I ask is 'Sir John M. Ball, the fifty-eight-year-old president of the International Mathematical Union' the same Johnny Ball who did the 'Think of a Number' TV Series. If so, it's good to see he's finally being recognised for his contribution to mathematics.
Re: The Politics of Mathematics Steve - 10:59 26/08/06
Doesn't look like it:




Re: The Politics of Mathematics Bruce Ure - 11:06 26/08/06
Doesn't look like it; Wikipedia makes him 68, and doesn't mention him being a kerrrr-nigght.

What a fabulous series that was. My fave memory is the experiment where the audience threw sticks onto the stage and he counted the number that were touching one of the stick-length-apart parallel lines drawn thereon, and the number that weren't, and related them very simply to pi.

I think the ratio of touching to not was 1:pi.


Re: The Politics of Mathematics Jonathan Tuppeny - 11:15 26/08/06
Sorry I wasn't actually being serious. Despite Johnny Ball's undoubted contribution to mathematics I didn't think he'd have risen to such academic heights.

Although I think he'd certainly do a good job of promoting mathematics.

Re: The Politics of Mathematics Bruce Ure - 11:51 26/08/06

Hopefully that'll be clear when I actually read the paper.