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serendipitous snowdrops
by Hugo van der Sanden at 01:55 21/12/05 (Blogs::Hugo)
Looking for snowdrops.
Looking for "snowdrops peeking through snow" at Google images, I eventually found this as the best example:

On the way, though, I stumbled on another, which really sums up the Christmas spirit:


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serendipitous snowdrops Hugo van der Sanden - 01:55 21/12/05
Re: serendipitous snowdrops Bruce Ure - 12:03 21/12/05
Second image is missing..

Or is that your point? :)


Re: serendipitous snowdrops Hugo van der Sanden - 14:26 21/12/05
Nope, shows up fine here, even if I reload. I have no idea why you wouldn't be able to see it.


Re: serendipitous snowdrops David Crowson - 14:58 21/12/05
Wasn't working for me either earlier, s'fine now though.

And if you don't speak French the translation is
'Are You thinking what I'm thinking'