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by Hugo van der Sanden at 16:16 02/04/10 (Blogs::Hugo)
.. up for renewal ..
My hosting provider is offering to renew crypt.org for the next 10 years for 495.58 (inc VAT). Is it obvious to someone what benefits they might offer that justify this price (compared to the $95 charged by the first two random domain renewal sites I Googled), or should I go ask them?


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Domains Hugo van der Sanden - 16:16 02/04/10
Re: Domains Simon - 16:35 02/04/10
I'm being charged 27.50 per 2-year .org renewal, so that seems a bit steep.

Is it just the domain, or have you got services associated with it?

Re: Domains Hugo van der Sanden - 17:56 02/04/10
This is just for the domain renewal, as far as I know.

Who are you using?


Re: Domains Simon - 20:05 02/04/10
Re: Domains Rob Larsen - 11:56 07/05/10

This is what you get its not just for domain renewal



Re: Domains Hugo van der Sanden - 13:57 07/05/10
Ah ok, so renewal and DNS then.