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Megalithomania 2009 notes
by Simon at 10:56 26/05/09 (Blogs::Simon)
Notes from this year's conference.
Tim Hooker: Aratta civilisation of Ukraine dating to 22,000 BCE with proto-Sumerian writing found. Keywords for later Googling include Kamyana Mohyla, http://www.arattagar.co.uk, bragarnya, inertons, proto-Kitoi, Komsomolsk mounds, Trypillia/Cucuteni culture, Arkaim. Video of this talk is available online.

Robin Williamson: Tuatha de Danaan (James, I'll lend you the DVD of this)

Robin Heath: 5:12:13 London/Cardiff/Edinburgh, confirm druid cord => arctan(13/30) => 23° 25' 43"

Graham Hancock: Sri Lankan submerged ruins, Antillia = Taiwan, map of Ptolomeas Argentinae 1513, "Legendary Islands of the Ocean Sea" by Robert H Fuson.

[thoughtlink:// time, times and half a time = 3.5 * Great Year => Mayan 'age' = half a Great Year => end of 5th Age = 5 * half a Great Year = 64800 years => Toba?]

Marke Pauson: RILKO, check geometry proofs for figures shown, Luxor Inner Temple 88x44 MY, "Time Stands Still" by Critchlow.

Tom Brooks: Check http://www.prehistoric-geometry.co.uk/

Howard Crowhurst: archaeoastronomy of the Carnac and Brittany alignments. http://www.megalithes.info/. Ward Hill/Maes Howe as Great Year measure at co-latitude of Carnac.

Edmund Marriage: www.goldenageproject.org.uk

Robert Temple: http://www.sphinxmystery.info. Anubis as prototype for Sphinx rather than lion imagery.

Scroll of notes on "1° To Go" passed to HL, write article for GH's website, expect contact from J & HL, check obliquity equation epoch with HC.


I go to these conferences to pick up new lines of investigation that might be interesting. They don't always come out of the lectures themselves, quite often they come out of conversations between them.

Grateful thanks to J for pointing me in the direction of http://www.thedreammasters.org/hopi/martingashweseoma.php to check out the reference to the headless god figure whose head travels around the sky.


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