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Installing QGIS 1.02-2 for Leopard on an Intel MacBook Pro
by Simon at 12:04 19/05/09 (Blogs::Simon)
I found the instructions on how to assemble the necessary structure for the support of Quantum GIS to be somewhat daunting at first sight.

I'm used to installing Mac apps by simply opening up a .dmg file and either running an installer or dragging the app from the mounted disk image.

Once I'd got my head around the concept that all the talk of "frameworks" was about a set of support facilities that were prerequisites (info from the qgis-user list) that had to be installed first, I felt more confident.

Here are the exact steps I took, in case similarly nervous folks need some reassurance :-)


QGIS installer:

UnixImageIO framework:

SQLite3 framework:

FFTW3 framework:

FreeType framework:

PROJ framework:

GEOS framework:

GDAL framework + Python support:

GDAL ECW Plugin:

GDAL MrSID Plugin:

The notes on http://www.kyngchaos.com/software:support:install say:

"Frameworks and Base Packages can be installed in any order, but before any ordered packages"

...but in fact you need to install the GEOS and PROJ frameworks before you can install the SQLite3 one, even though they're shown in the non-ordered section.

Mount the .dmg files and run the installers in this order:

UnixImageIO framework
GEOS framework
PROJ framework
SQLite3 framework
FFTW3 framework
FreeType framework
GDAL framework + Python support
ECW Plugin
MrSID Plugin

Mount the QGIS .dmg and drag the contents into a new folder (I called mine "Qgis-Leopard") anywhere you like on the hard disk.

Launch the QGIS application.


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