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Stonehenge and Sidbury again
by Simon at 15:08 06/05/08 (Blogs::Simon)
What better way to spend a Bank Holiday Monday than walking the solstice line from Sidbury Hill towards Stonehenge.
Last weekend I was up on Sidbury Hill and in my wanderings amongst the dense woodland in the centre - at about the highest point - a circle of half a dozen massive beech trees next to a fenced off (and obviously ancient) yew.

Beeches and YewBeeches and Yew (the yew's on the left)


This area is so different to the rest of the woodland on the top of Sidbury, and since prominent landmarks have frequently in the past been marked by stands of large trees (many barrows on hilltops are so indicated, for instance), that I decided it would henceforth serve as my reference point for the 'center' of Sidbury as a landmark for alignments.

Handily, I had my GPS with me, so I put in a GOTO for the centre of Stonehenge and started walking that line (the 'solstice' line - see earlier messages) to see if there was anything notable along it.

Here's the path I took (click for a larger version):

GPS Track and waypoints

... the turquise line is the path of my walk, the bright green line is the GPS 'GOTO' track. The waypoints #103-115 are where I took photos.

Although I had to divert from the straight line GPS track at times (the largest one to avoid a herd of cows), I made sure that I was back on the track whenever I took a pair of pictures - one back towards Sidbury, the other forward towards Stonehenge.

Here are those pics (the arrow shows the GPS GOTO track direction):

Location Backwards to Sidbury Forwards to Stonehenge
Start of track 000-r.jpg 000-f.jpg
103 103-r.jpg 103-f.jpg
104 104-r.jpg 104-f.jpg
105 105-r.jpg 105-f.jpg
106 106-r.jpg 106-f.jpg
107 107-r.jpg 107-f.jpg
108 108-r.jpg 108-f.jpg
109 109-r.jpg 109-f.jpg
110 110-r.jpg 110-f.jpg
111 111-r.jpg 111-f.jpg
Between 111 and 112
(forgot to add waypoint!)
111a-r.jpg 111a-f.jpg
112 112-r.jpg 112-f.jpg
113 113-r.jpg
114 114-r.jpg
115 115-r.jpg


JPG image (293 K) Beeches and Yew
JPG image (322 K) Beeches
JPG image (285 K) GPS Track from Sidbury to Stonehenge
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