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FOAMing overview
by Simon at 15:52 15/03/07 (Blogs::Simon)
Poking around in Amesbury library, I found a copy of "Stonehenge and its Environs", the RCHME's 1979 report on the monuments and land use around Stonehenge.

In it, there is a plan of the Lake Barrow group plus a copy of William Stukeley's 1723 perspective illustration of the same area, which he entitled:

"A Prospect of the barrows in Lake field called the Eleven barrows & lately the prophets barrows. 2d Sepr 1723"

Since these are the very barrows I've been helping to tidy up in the last couple of years, I thought it'd be handy to put these images online.

Stukeley's drawing of the Lake group barrowsStukey's drawing of the Lake group barrows

The long linear feature running bottom right to the centre is the boundary of the North Kite enclosure. Stonehenge is under the 'A' on the horizon, left of centre, with Bush Barrow on Normanton Down just to the left of it (the one with the, er, bush growing out of it - obviously :-)).

Notice the double-humped long barrow in the centre foreground, and the large bowl barrow just above it - those are the ones I've been working on this year.

Notice also the four barrows in a line on the top edge of the field in the lower right corner - those are the ones I helped with last year (well, three of them - the fourth's ploughed out)

Here's the RCHME plan of the same area:

RCHME's 1979 plan of the Lake GroupRCHME's 1979 plan of the the Lake Group

So this year's double-humped long barrow is #41, the bowl barrow is #40 and the line of four barrows from last year are #47, #48, #50a (ploughed out) and #50.

Interestingly, #41 seems to have had its current shape since 1723, which indicates that maybe it hasn't been trenched across the middle by 19/20th century antiquarians.

Long barrow 41 has been this shape since 1723 at leastLong barrow 41 has been this shape since 1723 at least

FOAMing in 2007

... and in 2006

JPG image (30 K) Stukeley's drawing of the Lake group barrow area
JPG image (100 K) RCHME plan of the Lake group
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