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Megalithomania Conference 2007
by Simon at 09:14 06/02/07 (Blogs::Simon)
Dates for the annual Megalithomania Conference in Glastonbury Assembly Rooms have been announced - this year it's May 19th/20th.
Here's a copy of the email I've just received:

Glastonbury's annual stone circle conference is back in 2007. The event takes place on May 19th - 20th 2007 at the Assembly Rooms on Glastonbury High Street. As you were a delegate at last years event we would like to offer you a discounted ticket for the 2007 gathering. The tickets are £68 (normally £80) for the first 50 sold, so please call 01458 830281 to reserve your seat fast. Event details below......

"All this excitement about a collection of battered old rocks and mounds of earth must seem puzzling to those who have yet had no direct experience of Megalithomania". John Michell

What were the ancients up to? is a question that frequents the lips of archaeologists, antiquarians, scientists and skeptics alike. The enigmatic megalithic culture that graced our planet between 5000 and 3000 years ago, building long barrows, stone rows and stone circles has left little clue to its thinking, lifestyle or teachings. There are, however, a number of researchers that have begun to unlock the secrets of the builders of the stone circles and related sacred sites. Coming from disciplines as diverse as archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry, ancient metrology, surveying, acoustics and mathematics these top authors will present their research into ancient megalithic sites at the 2007 Glastonbury Conference.

MEGALITHOMANIA is an annual conference held in Glastonbury, now in it's second year. The celebrated 2006 event saw speakers such as Graham Hancock, Andrew Collins, Robin Heath, Sig Lonegren and Nicholas Mann grace the Assembly Rooms stage. Especially welcome was John Michell who coined the 'Megalithomania' name in the 1970's with his beautifully crafted book of the same name. His study of the history and meaning of the megaliths, combined with revealing the effects of the stones on the 'Megalithomaniacs', set the framework for the 'Earth Mysteries' movement of the 1960's and 70's.

Much stone circle research spends years on the fringe of acceptability before becoming mainstream, so Megalithomania is intent on creating a public forum to stretch the debate and challenge the archaeologists and historians that belittle our megalithic ancestors. Hugh Newman, the primary organiser, told us "To suggest the neolithic people were savages with no intelligence is unacceptable today. We want to challenge the status quo around the megalithic sciences." His co-organiser John Martineau added "The ancients were excellent at astronomy, geometry and surveying, it's an incredible mystery, why does the media and mainstream archaeology spend so much time dumbing it all down?" Conference producer Gareth Mills said "Come and find out what you,ve been missing - you,ll be amazed!"

This Year at the 2007 Conference, to coincide with the re-launch of his classic 'Time Stands Still', keynote speaker Keith Critchlow will be updating his research into the geometry of the "megalithic artists". Famous author Robert Temple will be giving us a glimpse through crystal lenses hiding in the British and other Museums all over the world, discussing their use in ancient times, and suggesting they could have been part of the megalithic surveyors and astronomers tool kit. Cornish researcher Paul Broadhurst will be focusing on St. George and the mythological relation to earth energies and the 'dragon power'. Stuart Mason of The Antiquarian Society will be giving an introduction to Astro-Archaeology. Professor Ronald Hutton will be tracing the stones through an historical time-line. And to coincide with the republication of his original book Megalithomania, John Michell will be looking at the artists, antiquarians and archaeologists that gave rise to the name of the conference, forty years after the original earth mysteries renaissance.

The conference takes place at the Assembly Rooms in Glastonbury on 19th & 20 th May 2007. Field trips around Glastonbury will take place on the Friday. The private Stonehenge visit will be on the Monday morning (book early). Tickets are £68 for the first 50 sold, then £80. Field trips are not included in the price.

Call 01458 830281 for tickets and more details or visit www.megalithomania.co.uk

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