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HotMail is shit, and here's why
by Simon at 13:14 04/10/06 (Blogs::Simon)
Having some trouble delivering mail to HotMail accounts today, in that certain recipients are claiming they're not receiving stuff I'm sending them.

So I set up my own HotMail account for some testing...

... and sent it a couple of test emails - one from one of our webapps, the other from my own local machine.

Firstly, as far as I can tell, the *default* response to any inbound mail is to stuff it in the Junkmail box.

What the hell is the point of that?

Secondly, it lies. I sent it the following from Eudora via my local SMTP box:

To: *****@hotmail.com
From: simon@....
Subject: Test

This is a legitimate email



... and not only did it stick it right in the Junkmail folder, but it slapped a banner at the top of it saying:

NOTE: Hotmail has disabled some of the content of this message for your protection (more information). Enable all message content (once) | Never disable content from this sender

Clicking on the (more information) link I discover:

Block images arriving in e-mail

By sending you messages that contain special image technology, strangers can discover whether your e-mail address is valid. When you open an e-mail message that contains this type of image, the sender learns that your e-mail address is valid and can continue to send you unsolicited messages. Using the MSN Hotmail image filter, you can prevent these images from opening until you verify their source.

Hang on - there's no image in that email, it's plain ASCII text. No attachments, nada.

What a pile of stinking, festering, crap.

I shouldn't be surprised, really.

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