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The first two THETAs
by Simon at 16:24 28/05/03 (History of RCS Mascotry)
THETA MK I was ceremoniously burned on the 8th December 1964 at a UGM that adopted Mark II as his successor. THETA MK I had been stolen from a Dinner in October by Guilds and the time had come for a more robust model to be built (in '61 he'd actually fallen apart at the AGM!).
THETA MK II consisted of a 4ft long length of steel pipe, a brass chain (for carrying him, and for securing him to the VP's wrist!) and a copper sphere from a piece of high voltage equipment. He looked very much like a ballcock stuck on a broomhandle again and was painted in the same manner as Mark I.

THETA MK II existed for 5 years until mid-October 1969 when the THETA Bearers left him in the Physics Departmental Office after a function. Naturally enough, he disappeared - but he was not taken by Guilds, Mines or any other College. The culprits in this case were members of the Physics 3rd year who had long been trying to cause trouble in RCSU and believed that nobody wanted the traditions to continue in the Union.

THETA MK II was never recovered, and rumours of its eventual location ran from Euston Left Luggage Office to a hotel in Belgium.

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